How Trellidor Cottage Guard Rivals Other Burglar Bars in Strength

Burglar bars for windows are an effective visual deterrent to intruders because they show that the home or commercial building is well protected and difficult to break into.

There are many different window burglar bar designs to choose from, some stronger than others. Cottage Guard manufactured by Trellidor is an excellent option because it is a premium burglar bar design that provides a high level of security.

What features make Trellidor Cottage Guard strong?

Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars have internal strength because they are made:

  • With aluminium square tubing,
  • Reinforced with a threaded steel rod through the centre,
  • With a full, four-sided frame,
  • Fixed into the substrate surrounding the window,
  • Without any welding, so there are no weak points for corrosion to set in.

All these features give Cottage Guard exceptional internal strength and the ability to resist an attack by any of the common tools used by burglars during a break-in attempt.

The benefits of installing Trellidor Cottage Guard are:

  • These burglar bars can be made to match cottage pane windows perfectly. This means that the gap sizes will be the same as the cottage pane windows, so you can’t see the Cottage Guard at all.
  • They can be manufactured for other types of window style, including large expanses of window glass that are vulnerable to being smashed by burglars.
  • They’re immensely strong burglar bars and excellent for windows in high crime risk areas.
  • The manufacturing process includes pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance, which makes these burglar bars suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.
  • They are powder coated to provide a high-quality finish in a colour of your choice.
  • They are resistant to scratching, chipping, and wearing, so they retain their quality finish for years.
  • They are low maintenance and easy to keep clean.
  • They are so strong that any attempt to break through requires lots of effort and noise, which puts burglars off.

Where to install Cottage Guard burglar bars

Cottage Guard burglar bars are custom-made to fit any window, so they fit neatly and snugly into any window space. Here are some suggestions on where to get them installed to protect windows:

  • Office park buildings, where premises are left vacant overnight.
  • Retail premises that are closed after trading hours.
  • Homes in high crime risk cities or suburbs.
  • Ground floor windows in multi-storey homes.
  • Holiday homes that are unoccupied for any length of time.
  • Any home that has experienced several break-ins or break-in attempts and the family needs to feel safe again.
  • Apartments where children are at risk of accidently falling out of windows.
  • Homes on isolated properties such as farms, small holdings, and game lodges.
  • Schools and universities that have equipment such as computers to protect.

Pictures of real Cottage Guard installations for inspiration

Second floor children’s bedroom

This bedroom is upstairs and the Cottage Guard burglar bars on the windows stops the children from accidently falling out of the windows:

An image of aluminium burglar bars in a bedroom.

Rural school building

This rural school is an area where theft is an everyday reality, so the windows are protected with Cottage Guard burglar guards.

Large expanse of window glass

The large window in this double-volume stairwell is shielded by Cottage Guard burglar guards which are powder coated to blend in with other fittings.

An image of cottage guard on a large window.

Holiday home bathroom window

Cottage Guard ensures this coastal holiday home bathroom is safe from a break-in while the owners are away, and it is treated to avoid corrosion.

Apartment window

High rise apartments may not be vulnerable to robbery, but unsecured windows are dangerous for young children, so protect them with Cottage Guard on the windows.

Suburban home lounge window

Suburban and city homes are increasingly being targeted by brazen robbers, so use Cottage Guard across all windows to stop them getting inside.

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