How Trellidor Burglar Guard Bars Are Tamper-Resistant

When something is ‘tamper resistant’ it means it has been designed to stop unauthorised people from opening it or accessing it in any way. Burglar guard bars that are tamper resistant are manufactured and installed in a way that stops people from getting inside your home undetected.

The Trellidor Burglar Guard tamper resistance process

Tamper resistance is not just about mechanisms in a burglar bars design that prevent criminals breaking through them. It is also about how the burglar gates and burglar bars are made. All way Trellidor products are engineered is one of the reasons they are so well-respected in the security industry and some of the best burglar bars for windows.

Trellidor burglar guards are:

  • Custom-made so that they fit tightly enough into the window space that it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to get them out. The Trellidor sales consultant measures each window space and designs the burglar bars exactly for that space.
  • Made from electro-galvanised steel that goes through a specialised treatment before being powder coated. This all adds to the high-quality finish of the burglar bars, which makes them last longer in good condition, which in turn, ensures they stay strong under attack.
  • Corrosion and UV-ray resistant, adding to their strength and long life span. Rusting burglar bars will not hold up for very long under attack by a determined criminal, but window security that has retained its quality will provide you with protection for far longer.
  • Semi-framed for added strength, making them harder to tamper with, remove or break out, especially if they are fitted into a good quality substrate (the material that the window is fitted into, including brick and other substances).

Tamper resistant installation

Once the burglar guards have been manufactured according to the sizes required for the windows, they are installed by expert Trellidor technicians. The installers are professionals and make sure that the burglar bars fit snugly so that it makes it difficult for criminals to get them out.

The technicians use tamper-proof fixings that require specialised tools to fit them as well as remove them. These are unconventional tools that criminals are very unlikely to be able to get their hands on, adding another level of safety to these burglar guards.

Trellidor Burglar Guard are the best burglar bars for your windows if:

  • You have budget constraints because they are reasonably priced.
  • You live in a medium to high crime risk area because they will provide protection from an attempted break-in.
  • You want your security measures to be highly visible so that anyone watching from the street outside can see that your home is properly secured and will be deterred from trying to break in.
  • You want a choice of burglar bars designs because there are different options in this range: flat bar (vertical or horizontal), single cross and double cross.

Burglar bars designs from the Trellidor Burglar Guard range

The three designs in the Trellidor Burglar Guard range actually give you four choices of style. The flat bar can be manufactured to be horizontal or vertical. Here are four examples of the different versions installed in homes:

Trellidor Burglar Guard in the horizontal flat bar format protects this sitting room window.


Trellidor Burglar Guard flat bar is also available in a vertical format, as can be seen in this window.


Here is the Trellidor Burglar Guard single cross design that protects a sitting room window.


This bathroom window has been fitted with the Trellidor Burglar Guard double cross configuration.


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