How to Stay Safe as Criminals Take Advantage of Increasing Loadshedding

Statistics by the private security firm Fidelity ADT has stated that it hasn’t seen an increase in general criminal activity when there have been power outages. However, they have noted that criminals have started taking advantage of loadshedding and using it to commit crimes in some areas.

The state power provider Eskom has been implementing power cuts to prevent the grid from collapsing. Loadshedding has been implemented in different stages, and the rationing is due to a significant shortfall of generation. The country is likely headed for a year of power cuts as it is likely that the station breakdowns might not improve.

Although there isn’t an increase in general crime when there are power cuts, there is a rise in opportunistic criminal events. Criminals are known to be opportunistic, and they are constantly looking for easy ways to gain access to people’s homes. Loadshedding is simply another issue that they are using to exploit.

With scheduled power cuts, criminals will look at the power outage schedule. Before the scheduled power cut, they will trip the electric box, disarm the electric fence, derail the electric gate, and break into the property. When there are power cuts for extended periods, most alarm battery systems will be unable to recharge fully, and criminals usually take advantage of this. When criminals trip the electric box, unsuspecting residents will be caught off guard as they will think there is just an earlier outage than planned.



Home Security Tips During Loadshedding

When there is loadshedding, your home is vulnerable to crime, and you must do all that you can to ensure that it is safe. We will focus on some tips on how you can secure yourselves and your families during power cuts.

1. Invest in a back-up security system

We cannot emphasize the importance of having a security system enough, and having one has become more crucial. However, power cuts negatively affect electric security systems like alarm systems and video surveillance as they will not be effective when there is no power. Therefore, it is advised that you invest in a security system that can utilize back-up batteries when there is a power outage. Ensure that the back-up batteries are also fully charged so that they can function adequately before there is the next power outage. When looking for back-up batteries, you should consider investing in 17-amp hour batteries as they last longer when there are prolonged load shedding schedules.

Your cell phone is also crucial in staying safe during a power outage, so ensure that it is fully charged for emergencies. You can also choose to invest in a battery-operated panic button that is easy to access in case you find an unwanted guest in your home.


2. Ensure that your home is well-lit

The key to minimizing the risk of your home being targeted by criminals is ensuring that your property is well-lit during power outages. A well-lit home will deter criminals as your home will look busy outside. You should also consider investing in battery-operated or solar-powered lights for the front of your home to increase visibility and lighting during power cuts. You could ensure that you leave a battery-operated light on in all the front-facing rooms of your house so that it appears well-lit even from the street view.


3. Secure surrounding areas

Certain electric gates, especially old ones that have worn out, will open without resistance when there are power cuts. Therefore, you should keep manual locks on electric gates so they do not open easily when the electricity switches off. Take the time also to test your electric garage doors and backyard gates to ensure that your home is not easily accessible when there is loadshedding.


4. Be vigilant during loadshedding

You should be cautious when returning home when there are power cuts and ensure you are alert to your surroundings. When leaving your vehicle, you should keep all your access remotes and keys close by. Keeping a flashlight in your car might be helpful as this ensures that you are prepared for unplanned power cuts. It is recommended that you also install battery-operated motion-sensor lights in your front garden to ward off intruders that might be planning to lurk in your bushes until they can access your home.




With the current trend of loadshedding, it seems that this is something that we will have to get used to. Most of the safety and security features we rely on are technology-based; whenever there is loadshedding, you will potentially leave your home vulnerable to crime. Luckily, the safety tips offered above will assist you in keeping your home safe during loadshedding.




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