How To Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Crime spikes during holiday season, especially in places where people shop

Crime trends usually show a spike in robberies of all types during holiday season. Even though the SA Police are usually out in force at this time, criminals take advantage of people in holiday mode. So use our tips to shop safely this holiday season. They may help you avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Apparently this increased visibility of police on the beat has achieved encouraging results in previous years. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take responsibility for our own safety when out shopping.

So here are some safe shopping tips

These are tips on how to avoid giving thieves that something more they’re looking for. They might just help you enjoy your festive season shopping spree!

  • If it’s dark and isolated, stay away! Keep to well-lit, busy areas.

  • Look for centre security or the SAPS when you get there. Know what they look like and where they are in case you need help.

  • Keep a close watch on kids. Make sure they have identification and your contact details on them.

  • Car jamming is a real so check that’s your car is locked before walking away.

  • Keep your handbag zipped up and wallet in an inside pocket, not the back pocket of your trousers.

  • Focussing on your cell phone makes you an easy target so don’t walk and talk or text.

  • Don’t use Wi-Fi in public places. Some hotspots don’t encrypt wireless data and this could lead to identity theft.

  • Don’t carry too much cash. Use a debit or credit card and hide your pin code entry with your free hand.

  • Don’t fall for strangers with a sob story or scam artists like bogus charity fund raisers. Ask for fundraiser registration numbers.

  • Take parcels back to the car regularly and put them in the boot. It’s too easy to lose track of them and you may lose one or two!

  • Be careful while online shopping. Stick to reputable websites with payment methods you can trust such as PayPal.

And while you’re out shopping, who is watching your home? Make sure your home is safe too by calling in one of our expert security consultants for a free security assessment. Find your nearest Trellidor franchise and call them before you go on holiday.

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