How to Secure Sash Windows

Sash windows are usually associated with more classical architecture styles. But they are also being used in modern homes because they’re pretty as well as practical.

As appealing as they are, sash windows of any type can be difficult to secure without cluttering up the outlook. Burglar proofing can detract from the pleasing clean lines os sash windows.

So what are your alternatives for sash window protection?

Here are a few ideas using made-to-measure Trellidor Clear Guard security screens:


Curved sash window secured from the outside

The gorgeous sash windows located in an historic neo-classical building had to be secured without being too obvious. This is a museum that attracts international as well as local visitors so security had to be discrete, according to the brief.

The security also had to be able to open up for easy window cleaning. The windows are curved at the top (sometimes called eye brow windows for obvious reasons!) and so the barrier security had to follow these lines.

The answer was Trellidor Clear Guard screens designed to follow the shape of the windows.

The curved frame is hinged so that the security barrier can be opened to clean the window panes. And the screen is see-through so that it doesn’t block the view of the lovely garden. The security screens are fitted to the outside of the windows, making it easy to open the sash windows from the inside of the building.


An image of a curved sash window secured from the outside.



Double sash window secured from the outside

Rectangular sash windows like these beautiful teak versions are also good candidates for Trellidor Clear Guard as a security barrier. The barriers are custom-made to fit the opening and don’t interfere with the operation of the window.

Pictured here is Andrew from Trellidor Transkei with his hand on the woven steel mesh screen that makes up most of the Clear Guard barrier. You hardly notice the protective barrier and can virtually see right through it, which is what makes this burglar proofing style so popular.


An image of double sash windows secured from the outside.



Double sash windows secured from the inside

This bank of sash windows has been secured on the inside of the home with Trellidor Clear Guard, as opposed to the previous example where it was fitted externally. The screens are hardly visible, making them ideal for housing estates with strict rules about security produts detracting from the estate’s architectural style.

Fitted like this, the windows can be opened up to allow air to flow inside through the closed and locked Trellidor Clear Guard mesh screens without compromising on the occupants’ security. The screens block out much of the sun’s harmful UV rays and also the effects of high winds.


An image of double sash windows secured from the inside



Sash-style Trellidor Clear Guard fitted inside

All our security barriers are custom-made and this is a good example. This double sash window in a contemporary home has been fitted with a double sash Trellidor Clear Guard barrier on the inside of the window reveal. The barrier matches the operation of the window, so there is a double sash Clear Guard protecting the double sash glazed window.

The advantage of this is that the Clear Guard sashes can be moved up and down for easy access to open or close the glazed windows. The security barrier can also be moved to control light and sunlight penetration. They can also be kept out of the way for easy window cleaning.


An image of sash style Trellidor Clear Guard fitted inside



Don’t forget the other benefits of this multi-purpose, unique security barrier:

The mesh screen of Trellidor Clear Guard  is a humane way to block out:

  • insects like mosquitoes and flies
  • monkeys and baboons
  • snakes

To see more examples of Trellidor Clear Guard fitted to different window shapes, visit the Trellidor Clear Guard product page.

Contact your nearest Trellidor franchise to find out more about this versatile security barrier.



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