How to make your patio a mini Safe Zone

How to enjoy great weather safely

Wherever the weather lends itself to outdoor living, you’ll find a patio that makes good use of the kind climate. The down side is that you’re vulnerable to intruders in an open space. Here’s how to enjoy safe alfresco living.

Stay safe behind retractable security gates

Sliding security gates allow in plenty of fresh air and light when closed and locked to protect you on your patio. Yes, they’re a bit in-your-face but that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. You’ll still be able to see what’s happening through the gates, and children can be left to play on the patio without fear that they’ll run off or be taken by surprise by criminals.

Choose your security gates carefully and you can minimise the negatives. Trellidor Retractable gates are a good option. They stack neatly to one side when opened up. They can be powder coated to suit your decor and windows can be secured in matching designs so that there is visual continuity.

Another bonus point is that Trellidor Retractable security gates are so easy to use. They slide easily along their tracks and are locked using one key in a single key hole. There is no fiddling with two keys and key holes when all you want to do is chill!

More choice with roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are great for creating a patio safe zone because they are rust resistant, even at the sea.

Fit them along your patio’s outer edge to form a barrier that will keep just about anything out. They can be fully automated and remote controlled so that you can operate them without leaving the couch.

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters do an excellent job in terms of securing your patio when closed. They provide shelter from high winds, rain, heat and cold, extending your use of the patio to bad-weather days. When the good weather returns, the shutters roll up into a neat box, out of sight until you need them again.

There are loads of new features to choose from including battery back-up; solar panels to take you off the electricity grid; safety sensors to stop shutters hurting children in the way of a closing shutter and more.

Ask your nearest Trellidor franchise to give you a run-down of the options.

Security screens for safety with a view

Trellidor Clear Guard gives you the best of both worlds. They provide good security without obscuring your view of the outdoors. You can see right through the screens so you don’t lose the indoor/outdoor blend that we look for when relaxing on the patio.

Closed screens help to block out fierce sun and lower internal temperatures, so they’re great for making summer more bearable. They also help to shelter you from strong winds and the sand and dust that would otherwise blow in, so you can stay on your patio for a while longer.

If you have glass doors fitted to your patio, your Trellidor Clear Guard security screens can be made to match. So, for example, your sliding patio doors will be fitted with sliding Clear Guard doors.

Or bi-fold patio doors will have bi-fold Clear Guard doors. You can open up your glass doors for fresh air, leaving your Trellidor Clear Guard doors closed and locked for protected patio living.

Take a look at more pictures of patios protected by Trellidor products. 

Visit your nearest Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor for more information on how to create safe zones, whether it’s a patio or elsewhere in your home.


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