How To Hide A Roller Shutter Box With Style

The hinged roller shutter cover is easy to lift for access to the recessed roller shutter motor

Trellidor customer’s innovative roller shutter box

Our recent photo shoot in Pretoria and Jo’burg recently included a really lovely house in Bedfordview with an innovative solution to hiding the Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutter box. Not that it really needs hiding it’s the most compact, neatest roller shutter box on the market.

But take a look at the picture here and you’ll see why the homeowner wanted the roller shutter boxes hidden. She has done a beautiful job of decorating her home and didn’t want anything to detract from that.

As you can see, she chose a roller shutter design with punched holes in the slats to let in light and fresh air, as well as to enable her to see any intruders outside. The shutters were planned before the house was built, which meant that the builders were able to ensure that the roller shutters would roll up into the wall when not needed.

Recessed roller shutter boxes

Once the Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters were fitted, the homeowner had Mediterranean Shutter panels made to fit over the area where the roller shutter boxes are recessed into the wall. They’re on hinges so if ever the roller shutter motors need servicing, the Mediterranean shutters are easy to lift out of the way giving access to the motors.

The homeowner also had blinds made just for decorative purposes, and these are attached by Velcro so that they’re also easy to remove if required.

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Contributor: Lindy Barry

Trellidor roller shutter with neatly finished off shutter box

the ultimate crime barrier

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