How to choose burglar bars for your home

A guest blogger tells the story of how she selected the correct burglar bars for an unprotected window in her home.

There is a surprisingly wide choice of burglar bars available out there in the market place. Here are some tips I used on how to choose the burglar proofing that suits your home and your pocket.

Burglar bar style options

I recently had to secure my laundry window. For some reason we’d forgotten to include this room when ordering burglar bars for the new windows that were installed as part of our last house alteration.

I couldn’t just leave it because as we all know, house breakers will usually choose the easiest window or door to break in through. Naturally, a window without burglar bars is the obvious pick for a burglar in a hurry.

My problem was which burglar bar range should I choose?

There is a huge variety of burglar bar designs out there:

  • Spanish bars that are fitted to the outside.
  • Retractable bars.
  • Louvre style burglar proofing.
  • Cottage pane type bars.
  • Roller shutters.
  • Security screens.
  • See-through burglar bars.
  • Artistically designed welded steel bars.
  • DIY burglar proofing.

I knew what I didn’t want. No Spanish metal bars on the outside of the window for me.

On holiday down the KwaZulu-Natal coast one December, we came home from a beach party to find someone had forced the Spanish burglar bars off the wall using a gum pole and cleaned us out!

Here’s how I chose the burglar bars I needed

My checklist of questions to help me make a decision ran like this:

Q: What is the risk profile of my laundry? Is it a high security risk window that is not visible from other parts of the house or garden?

No, the security risk is low as it”s at the back of the house and not visible from the road; it can be seen from most of the living area and the garden. But the burglar bars must still be strong enough to make it difficult, noisy and time-consuming for burglars to break through.

Q: Is it a window I’d like to see out of without any obstruction obscuring my view?

No it’s a purely functional room and the window is only opened for fresh air.

Q: Do I need attractive burglar bars on this window?

No I just need to protect the window from potential house robbers. The burglar bars don’t need to look pretty but I also don’t want them to be ugly or cluttered.

Q. How much money do I want to spend on protecting this room?

I want burglar bars that are budget-friendly but still strong enough to do their job of stopping someone from getting into my house.

My choice was Trellidor Burglar Guard bars

The product that suited my needs was Trellidor Burglar Guard.

They are:

  • Reasonably priced.
  • Semi-framed for strength.
  • Similar looking to the Trellidor Retractable units I have on several doors in terms of style.
  • They’re powder coated white so that they blend in with all the other burglar bars in my home.

So now the last unsecured window in my home is well protected without bankrupting us!

To see more installations of Trellidor Burglar Guard take a look at the Trellidor website.

If you’d like someone to help you choose burglar bars that are right for your home and budget, contact your local Trellidor security franchise in South Africa and they’ll help you with pleasure.

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