How to Begin Completing Your Estate Home with the Estate Range

There are few moments that can compare with the excitement of moving into a newly built estate home. It’s a lifestyle choice full of possibilities, such as being able to walk safely within the estate and letting children play outside on their own. There are, however, still some good reasons why you might need your local Trellidor sales consultant to pay you a visit, and its not just for security products.

The Trellidor Estate Range was developed to solve problems other than the severe crime experienced in other forms of housing. These are products that are multi-purpose and assist with less severe problems that are no less irritating but not life-threatening.

The company’s best-selling products are still the premium quality Trellidor security products such as retractable security gates and Cottage Guard burglar guards. But the Estate Range is gaining in popularity, much like the estate style of living.

The Estate Range consists of a louvred Estate Shutter, a fully framed Poly Guard design and GriffinGuard screens. Here’s why you need them to complete your estate home.

Estate Shutter

The Trellidor Estate Shutter is a beautiful form of window dressing. It is an aluminium louvre shutter that is neatly designed and easy to use. It can stand alone as a complete window covering, with no blinds or curtains necessary.

Or you can combine it with pretty fabric blinds or curtains to add an extra layer of texture and interest to your windows. If you prefer blinds, your Trellidor sales consultant can supply you with anything from the comprehensive Taylor Blinds range as Trellidor and Taylor are sister companies.

Estate Shutter is not just for windows. It can be custom-made for your entry doors. Because they are lockable, you can open your doors for fresh air but keep the Estate Shutter closed and locked to stop people walking into your home uninvited.

Whether they’re fitted to windows, doors, or both, Estate Shutter louvres provide privacy from neighbours because you can tilt the louvres to open or close them to the level you want. Open louvres encourage fresh airflow and let the sunlight in. Closed shutters help to block out excessive heat or cold.

If your estate home has a patio, then why not match your patio doors to entry doors and windows by having Estate Shutters installed there too? The shutters can be opened on a lovely day so that you can enjoy the view outside or closed when its cold or at night to make this leisure area feel cosier.

Another excellent use of Estate Shutters in completing your estate home is by using it as a room divider. Most modern homes have open plan living, dining and kitchen spaces. Shutters in this area make it more user-friendly. For example, you can separate the kitchen and dining areas from the lounge if you need quiet time there while children are watching TV in the sitting room. The shutters stack neatly to the side when you don’t need them.

Poly Guard

Poly Guard is ideal for estate homes because it is virtually invisible. The Trellidor design is fully framed, so it fits very neatly into the window reveal or as a face-on installation. It is made from high quality panels that resist yellowing from UV rays. The neat frame is aluminium and adds stability and strength to the unit.

Poly Guard finishes off the windows and solves quite a few problems once in place. These include:

  • They keep monkeys and baboons out of your home. These animals make a terrible mess if they get inside, but no-one really wants to hurt them. This is a humane way of blocking them out.
  • The bars stop petty theft, which still happens in a secure environment like estates, where people have builders on site doing alterations or casual workers, on-line deliveries, and other functions.
  • They provide some peace of mind, which we all need at home in order to relax.


GriffinGuard framed woven mesh screens have so many uses, the question should be why wouldn’t you have them installed to complete your estate home?

These screens are reasonably priced enough to fit to all the doors and windows in your estate home.  The neat aluminium frame can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. GriffinGuard is available as a fixed (non-opening) unit, or they are designed to open and close using a patented Trellidor locking system.

Once fitted, they will:

  • Block out insects like mosquitoes and flies without blocking your view.
  • Keep out other wildlife, like snakes, monkeys, baboons, and birds.
  • Help to filter UV rays and intense heat, reducing internal temperatures in summer.
  • Allow fresh air to flow inside through the mesh screen that makes up the majority of each GriffinGuard unit.
  • Provide you with clear views through all your doors and windows as the screens are hardly noticeable.
  • Yet make it difficult for people passing by to see into your home, adding a layer of privacy to your home.
  • Extend the use of your entertainment area if fitted to the perimeter of your patio. You can enjoy sundowners without being bothered by insects.
  • Stop children falling (or climbing) out of upstairs windows.
  • Provide protection against criminals, petty or more serious.

The Trellidor Estate Range is custom-made to fit each opening, so contact your nearest authorised Trellidor supplier for a quote. They will take measurements and give you prices on one or all of these products.

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