How To Avoid Theft Out Of Vehicles

The Edenvale SAPS is a very pro-active police station and often has safety tips to share in our community newspaper with local residents. They were recently concerned about the spike in theft out of motor vehicles, especially cars parked at shopping centres.

This struck a chord with me as a friend of mine managed to avert an incident by reporting suspicious behaviour to her shopping centres security people. She battled to lock her car using her remote control and realised the signal was being jammed (so no, signal jamming is not a myth!) and drove her car to where she could see a guard patrolling. He acted quickly enough for the centre to detain the culprits and get them arrested.

So I thought it would be a good idea to share the Edenvale SAPS tips with all the drivers out there.

Here they are:

  • Keep your windows open by about 5cm. A closed window is easier to break.(This one worried me as I thought this would make it easier for thieves to get in if the window was open. But then 5cm is a tiny gap, so maybe not).

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Do not take out or use cell phones as soon as you stop.

  • If your cell phone is in the vehicle, make use of a belt clip. Avoid your cell phone being visible in your car.

  • Lock handbags and other valuables in the boot of your vehicle. Don’t leave it behind the seats.

  • Be careful of being watched i.e. be vigilant at all times.

  • When locking your vehicle, double-check to ensure that it has locked. (I’m a bit OCD with this one after my friend’s experience, so I check by testing one of the door handles).

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Contributor: Lindy Barry

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