How popular are roller doors for home use?

 We’re used to seeing roller doors, also called roller shutters, in industrial settings. But they’re becoming more popular in homes too. This is because newer ranges are much more user-friendly and attractive. Take a look at these lovely installations by Trellidor franchises around South Africa.

Roller doors for bathrooms

A modern, clean lined bathroom needs an equally unfussy window treatment.

Roller doors do the trick. Not only do they fit in style-wise but they also provide privacy, excellent security and block out harsh sun and dodgy weather. Aluminium roller shutters from the Trellidor Rollerstyle range are operated in two ways:

  • A panel on the wall as you enter the bathroom
  • And a hand-held remote that you can use anywhere, even in the bath!

Roller shutters for bedrooms

Sliding glass doors are particularly vulnerable to robbers because they know how to break through the locks or lift the doors off their shallow tracks. Roller shutters fitted to the outside of your sliding doors create a secure wall that locks down and prevents anyone from getting to the glass doors and inside the home.

Solid slats with with vents between them give you the choice of a complete block out of light and air or limited air and light penetration. 

Roller shutters for living areas

Roller doors are a good choice for external doorways in living areas. They do an excellent job of protecting doors from house breakers.

Aluminium Trellidor Rollerstyle roller doors do more than just protect people from crime. They also help to keep out weather extremes, both heat and cold, as well as strong winds and the dust or sand. Plus, they help to reduce external sounds that may otherwise keep you awake at night.

Find out more about Trellidor Rollerstyle roller doors on the Trellidor website.


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