How Effective Are Your Security Systems When The Lights Go Out?

Unplanned power outages are becoming increasingly common as cable theft continues unabated, particularly in Gauteng. How safe are you at home when the lights go out?


It is nerve wracking enough when your electricity is switched off during planned power outages in daylight, and even more so when it happens unexpectedly at night. It’s then that we realise how much we depend on electrical power.

When its pitch dark we’re vulnerable to housebreaking because security systems powered by electricity will eventually malfunction. There is also a danger of hijacking because there is no lighting at the driveway gate. And what if your cell phone is your only telephone and the battery is flat so you can’t call for help?

These are all real concerns, particularly for the elderly and parents of young children who have to leave them at home while they go off to work. This is also the reason why Trellidor franchises recommend a three-pronged approach to security systems: an alarm system, armed response and barrier systems.

Multi-layered security systems provide back-up

If you have several different home safety systems, each acts as a back-up to the other should there be problems. When you are sitting in the dark it’s very reassuring to know that you can close and lock your burglar bars and security gates to help keep you safe until the power returns to your electronic security systems.

Barrier security is the absolute minimum you should have to protect you during power outages, particularly if funds are limited and you have to make purchasing choices. They don’t require any power to help keep you safe, but must be kept closed and locked in order to do their job for you.

Plan ahead for home safety during power outages

Avoid stressing unnecessarily during planned and unplanned power outages by:

  • Fitting burglar bars and security gates to every opening in the house
  • If you can’t afford this, at least secure a safe zone properly and use it during blackouts
  • Fit burglar bars that open to at least one window in the safe zone to use as an emergency exit if necessary
  • Check battery back-up on every electronic system regularly and replace flat batteries. This applies to your burglar alarm, motion detectors, driveway gate, garage doors and automated roller shutters

Trellidor franchises countrywide offer a wide range of physical home security barriers to help keep you safe when the lights go out. They will also help you secure a safe zone using various Trellidor burglar bar and security gate designs.

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