How Do You Choose Your Security Barriers

Security barriers are as essential as doors and windows in homes all over the world.  The interesting question of how people choose their security barriers came up at one of the regional Trellidor RSA franchise conferences that were held around the country recently.   This led to a discussion of the many factors that come into play when consumers make their decisions.

People choose their barrier security products and supplier for different reasons, all of which came up in our discussions at the conference.   None of the deciding factors are wrong it’s a very individual choice, and the reasons for those choices can be very personal.

8 factors that influence the choice of security barriers  

Here is a list of the deciding factors our Trellidor franchises have come across that affect the consumer’s choice of security barriers, in no particular order:

  • Price.  For some, the lower the price the more attractive the product.  Performance under attack is secondary.  Severe budget constraints dictate and something is better than nothing.
  • Design. Sometimes it’s a question of how best to secure a particular opening according to the customer’s requirements.  For example, they may want something set on a timer, which means they have to choose an automated shutter.
  • Aesthetics.  Other customers want barriers that look good, barriers that are invisible, or barriers that blend in with existing physical security.
  • Performance.  Some want to know that the security barriers they choose will do the job expected of it and that is to help prevent a home invasion.  They’re happy to pay the price for peace of mind because cost generally dictates the number of strengthening points in a barrier.
  • Local risk factors. People that live in high crime risk areas may be more aware of the need for high quality (and higher priced) barriers than those in low crime risk areas.  Within a home, too, there may be areas that are more vulnerable to an attempted break-in than others.
  • Corrosion guarantees.  For people living at the coast, corrosion is an important issue.  The fact that a barrier has been properly treated against corrosion and carries a good guarantee against rust is a deciding factor, particularly if it’s a fly by night company that may not be around when you need them to honour the guarantee
  • Functionality.  How does the barrier work?  Does it slide open easily? Is the lock simple to use? Can the barrier look similar to my window or door so that it isn’t an eye-sore?
  • Personal relationships.  In spite of what cynics say, there are plenty of loyal consumers out there.  They’ve built up a trusting relationship with their Trellidor supplier over the years and expect them to give good advice and great service, so they won’t deal with anyone else.

Security barriers and gates that fulfill their purpose

Of course, for many people it’s a combination of these aspects that will influence their security barrier purchasing decision.  And when you really drill it down, what everyone wants is a security barrier that will fulfil its primary purpose of preventing criminals from getting into their home, without having to bankrupt themselves to do this!

Please let us know what influences your security barrier purchasing decision maybe there’s something we haven’t thought of!

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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