Home Security Upgrades to Start Thinking About

Your home is a safe haven, the last place you would want to feel unsafe. There is the possibility that it can be violated, which can be scary to think about. Therefore, you should consider the home security measures you have in place and ensure that they offer you maximum protection.

Tremendous advances are constantly being made to help people keep their homes safe. You must add some upgrades to your home security to ensure that your family and valuables are well protected. This article will focus on home security upgrades that you can adopt.


1. Upgrade security cameras

Surveillance systems are effective for watching over your property and capturing footage of the activity occurring on your property. In addition to capturing footage, cameras are also an effective deterrent to break-ins. However, the home security cameras that you have must not be outdated. Your security cameras are outdated when you cannot watch your footage from your phone. Nowadays, when you install security cameras, you can view the camera’s footage remotely using an internet connection. Viewing activity on your property remotely will offer you better peace of mind.

There have also been recent advancements in camera technology that enable you to receive high-definition footage from security cameras. Therefore, if the video footage your camera captures looks blurry, you should consider installing new cameras that will provide the same picture quality as the one you get when you watch your home television.

2. Door locks

If your home does not have deadbolt door locks, you should consider getting one. If the locks you have contain a push-button lock in the doorknob, it might make it easier for you. However, it will also make it easier for intruders. When searching for deadbolt locks, you must remember that the most efficient ones will have a “throw lock, ” meaning they have a metal extension that goes into the doorframe.

3. Solid doors

The doors of your home should be strong and sturdy, and a solid wood door is always a good option. You can use hollow core wooden doors for bathrooms and bedrooms as they work best for interior doors. Steel doors offer excellent protection; however, they tend to be expensive. When shopping for doors, be careful when it comes to doors with pretty windows as they could serve as an invitation to intruders. These doors are too easy to break the window with a rock where intruders can reach in and unlock the door.

4. Door frames

The frame of a door is just as important as the door itself. If the door frame of the door is old or rotted, it could make it easier for intruders to break in. Therefore, you should ensure that the frame is as strong and sturdy as the door. You should check the door frames for back doors, side doors, and the front door.

5. Window locks

Adding window locks is one of the easiest upgrades you can add to your home to discourage intruders from entering your home. Ensure that all windows in your house have a lock. Windows should always be locked unless there is a reason you are keeping it unlocked for a limited time.

6. Install motion sensor lighting

Light is the simplest and most effective burglar deterrent you can use. It is also the first line of defence as it prevents criminals from even attempting to enter your home. There are so many lighting options on the market you can choose from. Firstly, you can consider investing in energy-efficient, solar-powered LED lights, especially when the bulbs will be burning for hours. You should invest in motion sensors in the area where you only want the lights to turn on when someone approaches. When it comes to outdoor lighting, ensure that they are heat and waterproof, so they do not short out when you need them most.

7. Add smart home capabilities

Monitoring and controlling your smartphone’s door locks, alarms, and cameras can be convenient while you are at work or on vacation. With the help of smart home security products, this is all possible. Smart home security systems utilise your WiFi network, allowing you to interact with different security features through an easy-to-use app remotely. These range from motion detectors and door sensors to networks that can monitor your security cameras.

The best part of using smart home security systems is they also allow you to create “rules” that can trigger specific security features when you require them. For example, when motion is detected in your yard, the lights will switch, and a camera will start recording the area.

You can choose from various DIY smart security systems depending on your needs. You can install and monitor the system by yourself or pay for professional monitoring. Before deciding on the best option that works for you, it is recommended that you conduct some research first before committing to anything.




Over time the security measures you have in place may become less effective. Luckily, there are endless options available to homeowners as new technologies will protect your home and help you feel safe. You can consider the home security upgrades offered above to ensure that your home has adequate protection.




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