Home Security Trends to Look Out for in 2021

When new technology emerges each year, it tends to bring about changes and advancements in most industries. These changes are especially relevant to the security industry as there are new home security trends that come about each year. Home security trends often present more automation & convenient measures of protection for customers and here we share some of those trends to take note of for 2021.

Home Security Trends for 2021

Crime and safety is something that nearly everyone worries about. People want to be able to feel safe and secure in their homes at all times, and even more when they are away. With the usage of technology, home security can be controlled even remotely. Here are some growing trends for 2021:

  1. Better Video Security

    Video cameras have become more and more advanced with each passing year. This is not a trend that will die out anytime soon as technology improves at the same rate. Video surveillance cameras now contain intelligent tracking, facial recognition as well as people counting.

    Video surveillance cameras with the assistance of artificial intelligence will be able to analyze situations that have occurred in the past regarding suspicious activity that has been monitored using video monitoring systems. From this activity, it will be able to make decisions and take action against the suspicious activity identified whether this is by alerting the security company, locking people in or out or sounding alarms.
  1. Improvement in Data Security

    The rise in wireless home security has also created an opportunity for hackers as they could target devices in order to gain access to sensitive data. It is important to note that operating anything on a wireless network leaves you vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking.

    There will be a growing trend in the security industry to find solutions to address this issue, and to reduce the chances of families having their home security systems, like their wireless video cameras, hacked. There have been incidents where these wireless video cameras were hacked and the people would spy on the children in the home and speak to them when they were alone in their rooms.

    Security companies have to prioritize their customer’s privacy and implement new security features to improve cyber security standards such as cloud storage for video cameras and encrypted networks that will assist in avoiding hacking and data leaks.
  1. Interest in Green Home Security

    We will see an increase in green home security which is the overlapping ground between the security industry and the health market. Many people have started to invest in security systems that also have a low impact on the planet and that consumes a lot less energy. Most security systems tend to use a lot of electrical power which is not only harmful to the environment but costs a lot of money for consumers.

    There will be a greater increase in home security systems that are either battery-powered or make use of solar energy. Using solar powered video cameras not only provides energy independence, but it also ensures that there is always enough energy to operate the system.
  1. Remote Arming of Home Alarm System

    Home security systems need to be armed in order for them to function properly. Smart technology ensures that you can do all this from your smartphone. This will give you the power to receive the best security for your home remotely.

    You will be able to see through video surveillance cameras if anyone is in your home and set up the alarm when there is no one around. Users will be able to send out notifications to local authorities through a text message, phone call or email if you detect any suspicious activity.
  1. Smart Voice Control

    Voice control is not necessarily new, but it has improved since it was first introduced. Voice control is something we already use and examples of this includes Alexa, Siri and Google Home. It offers greater control of your home security system as you will be able to control all aspects of your security system by command.

    Some commands that you can expect to make include arming and disarming your security panel, locking and unlocking your door, turning the lights on and off, and activating humidity controls.
  1. DIY Home Security

    Do-it-yourself home security allows you to choose when and how you want to monitor your home. Instead of signing up for a traditional multi-year contract with a coverage based subscription fee, you are able to sign up on an optional basis and cancel the services at any time you want without incurring termination fees and other hidden costs.

    You will need to figure out which DIY home security system suits your needs and then choose the monitoring service that you prefer.
  1. WiFi 6 Improves Security and Speed

    WiFi 6 refers to next level WiFi that moves at a greater speed and accommodates up to 9 connected devices instead of the 5 devices that a normal WiFi supports. WiFi 6 is able to improve your device’s battery life and security, but tends to support newer models of devices.
  1. Usage of Smart Locks

    Deadbolt locks are able to lock and unlock your doors and serve their purpose of keeping unwanted guests out. However, there is the admin of leaving keys if you need someone else to have access to your home. It also puts you at risk of someone finding your key and gaining entry when you are not around.

    Smart locks are the solution to this problem. They do not necessarily improve your home’s safety, but they give you greater control as you can unlock and lock your doors from anywhere. You are able to share your digital “keys” with friends, family, and the people who visit your home regularly.


There might be more trends that will emerge in 2021, but the ones identified will have a greater impact. Security needs are constantly changing, and new features are always being introduced. It is important to know what they are so you can implement them for your home security system.

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