Home Security Measures for High-Crime Areas in South Africa

There is no denying that South Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a wealth of amazing features like fantastic weather, seas, mountains, forests, and fascinating people and cultures. Burglar bars, security gates, and other home security systems are in high demand throughout South Africa due to the country’s historically high crime rate. 

Your property must be protected in a way that minimises burglaries and other crimes, whether you live in a rural location or a busy city. This entails maintaining a basic level of security both inside and outside of your property. 


How do you go about implementing home security systems and other protective measures? Here are some pointers to keep in mind to assist you get one step closer to a safe home:


Make breaking in as challenging as you can

Typically, burglars would target houses they believe will be simple and quick to enter. The less likely it is that someone will break into a property, the longer it takes. 

It’s better to avoid leaving anything lying around, such as ladders or gardening equipment, that could be used to help someone get into your home. Ideally, you should keep your bushes and vegetation trimmed to lessen the number of places where burglars can hide.

Installing lights will increase visibility and help to prevent burglars if there are no lights at the property’s entrance areas. Even if the car is not parked inside, entry points like garage doors should always be locked. One room of the house where burglars are aware they can find tools to help them enter the house is the garage.

Even though not many homeowners will have the resources, a trained guard dog makes a great housemate and deterrent. Additionally, homeowners must instruct their kids and housekeepers to identify visitors before granting them access to the house.


Don’t let anyone know you’re travelling

The majority of burglars would rather avoid confrontation, thus they choose to enter a house while no one is there. Holiday vacationers should avoid leaving any obvious clues that no one is home, such as uncollected mail.  A vacant house will be more open to potential intrusion.

Timers that turn on lights both inside and outside the house will create the impression that someone is home. A car can be parked on the property where it is visible, if it is safe to do so, which will help give the appearance that someone is home.  

If the owners are present, they should make sure to respond to the intercom or buzzer at all times. Never disregard the intercom, regardless of the time of day or night, as criminals occasionally use it to see if a property’s occupants are present. Unanswered intercoms could be seen as a request for an unwanted home invasion. Remove or fix the intercom as quickly as possible if it is not functioning.


Protecting yourself physically and visibly is ideal

A high-quality electric fence around the perimeter of the property, according to security experts, is the greatest type of physical barrier for deterrence.

To supplement the main physical barrier, homeowners can utilise motion detectors and beams. He asserts that the alarm system should be connected to every security barrier and entrance point as a means of early detection to notify the appropriate parties.


Keep the keys out of the regular spots

Crime statistics indicate that thieves frequently steal both cars and goods on your property. Any spare keys for vehicles or other items should be hidden or put in an odd location to avoid this, especially if the home’s residents are on vacation.

Even if it’s convenient, it’s preferable to keep your keys out of sight and in a secure location rather than on key hooks or counters where they are visible.


Community participation

Joining the neighbourhood watch or local community policing forum is a terrific opportunity to get to know your neighbours and help keep the neighbourhood safer. Residents in these organisations exchange time and duty to make the neighbourhood a safer place.

It’s preferable to avoid having illegal conduct impact your property than to cope with the fallout. Though it would be challenging to prevent a break-in, installing the appropriate security measures is the right move towards making the house and its people safer.




It is a blessing for South Africans to be allowed to call this unusual and diverse nation home. Unfortunately, crime is one drawback that so many people in this nation must deal with. You and your family will be safer at home thanks to the security advice provided above.



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