Holiday Security in Five Easy Steps

Winter school holidays are almost here so it’s time to check up on home security, barriers and other measures, to help prevent a break-in and keep you safe at home.


You may be planning a trip to the warmer part of our coast this holiday season, or perhaps you’re working through the break and your children will be at home with a minder.  Either way, this time of year provides an incentive to check up on your security barriers and other home protection methods.

Five steps to tip top security

  1. Give your property a good clean-up to make sure there are no hiding places, easy access points or handy weapons for criminals.   Trim shrubs and over-hanging trees around the perimeter; lock up gardening and handyman tools; put away bikes and toys that     might tempt thieves to jump over your fence. 
  2. Check that security gates and burglar bars are in good working order i.e. no rust, loose screws or degrading concrete around them.  If they’re in poor condition, or you don’t have any security barriers on some of your doors and windows, get in your local Trellidor franchise and do something about it now.  It may be as simple as giving those security gates a good clean and silicon spray to get them to slide smoothly again.
  3. Create a safe zone.  This could be as simple as installing a security gate or roller shutter in the passage and making sure every window and door in this area is secured with security barriers.  At least one window here should have a security barrier that opens in case you need an escape route and can’t use the doors. This is an area your children could lock themselves into if they feel threatened.
  4. Test all your security systems thoroughly. Make sure the alarm signal is getting through to armed response.  Do an inventory of remote controls for garage, alarm and automatic gates and keys for security gates and house doors. If any are missing, get the codes or locks changed. Also make sure all your battery back-up systems are in working order in case of power outages.
  5. Practise security drills. Teach your children and their minder to never let strangers onto the property without checking their credentials with you first. Make sure you have a list of emergency phone numbers printed and stuck up next to the landline, as well as programmed into their cell phones. Ensure they know how to open the window security in the safe zone in the case of fire or home invaders.

Don’t forget that your local Trellidor franchise offers a free home security assessment that will include a quote on any doors and windows that aren’t already protected by security barriers if you’d like one.

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