Going Green with Bamboo Wood Blinds

Going Green with Bamboo Wood Blinds

What are bamboo wood Venetian blinds?

Bamboo wood blinds for windows in the Venetian style are made from horizontal bamboo slats placed one above the other and linked together by a string ladder. The slats are opened or closed using pull cords, controlling the amount of light penetrating the room through the window or the degree of privacy from the outside. Bamboo wood Venetian blinds are regarded as eco-friendly because bamboo is a natural, sustainable, renewable resource.

Eco-friendly blinds

The world is becoming more conscious of being kind to the environment as we’re starting to see the negative effects of centuries of damaging human behaviour. Climate change is the hot topic of the moment, together with a movement towards using sustainable resources in all aspects of our lives including home decor.

Bamboo fits this brief perfectly. It can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing and poor agricultural farming techniques. It produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants, and also needs less water to grow. It is the fastest-growing plant in the world and can be harvested every three to five years. 

Bamboo forests are in abundance in Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea and India. The people of these countries are not ‘going green’ but are already ‘green’ in terms of building materials. They have used bamboo for centuries, for everything from scaffolding to fencing to screen walls, furniture and window coverings like Venetian-style blinds.

Considering all these benefits and history, it is no wonder that bamboo has had a revival in popularity as a home décor material. It is being used to create dinnerware, serving trays and other kitchenware. It is also used to manufacture attractive bamboo Venetian blinds like those in the Taylor range for windows, patios and room dividers.

The benefits of bamboo wood blinds

Bamboo is the perfect material for window blinds not just because it is so readily available.  There are many other reasons why it makes beautiful window coverings, including the following:

  1. The delicately textured appearance of bamboo blind slats creates a fresh, natural look in any room, from living areas to bedrooms.
  2. Bamboo is lighter than other woods, so in a Venetian blind format, they are easy to pull up or down.
  3. Bamboo wood blinds are easy to clean when necessary.
  4. They may look delicate, but bamboo blinds are also very robust, strong and durable.
  5. Bamboo blinds can be used to lower the intensity of light penetration into a room.
  6. They can withstand extreme heat.
  7. They protect home interiors against Ultraviolet light.
  8. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable source of material for the slats, so installing them in your home won’t harm the environment.

Taylor’s Bamboo Venetian Blind range is available in a range of four natural colours, including white, beige, natural and the dark-toned ‘Wengee’. These colours are versatile enough to blend in with your décor or make a bold style statement in a strong colour, depending on which you choose.

Bamboo wood blinds suit a wide variety of popular décor styles. Here is a run-down of some of these styles and how bamboo complements them:

  1. Minimalism favours neutral colours, clean lines and functional products in materials such as wood, so bamboo is a natural choice for window blinds in this scheme.
  2. Industrial style focusses on a mix of materials to vary textures in an urban colour palette. Taylor’s bamboo wood blinds in the dark ‘Wengee’ colour is a perfect fit. 
  3. Rustic or Shabby Chic is a softer style that emphasises interesting textures and warm reminders of the natural world in gentle colours. Taylor bamboo wood Venetian blinds in beige or natural reflect this look.
  4. Scandinavian style homes are uncluttered, light and airy, with a warm ambience created by blonde wood finishes and lots of white, so white bamboo Venetian blinds work well.

These are just some examples of home styles where bamboo blinds are a good fit, but it is by no means exhaustive. Contemporary homes of almost any persuasion can be updated by the addition of beautiful bamboo blinds from Taylor.

Taylor bamboo wood blinds

Cape Town-based Taylor have been manufacturing window blinds for over 60 years and bamboo wood Venetian blinds are an integral part of their range of options. 

Here are some of the interesting and useful features of their bamboo blinds:

  1. Taylor’s bamboo wood Venetian blinds can be made to fit any type of windows or door.
  2. They have a UV coating that protects them from the harsh South African sun.
  3. The cords, tapes, head and bottom rails of these Venetian-style blinds are colour co-ordinated to match the slat colour chosen by the customer.
  4. The blinds are lightweight and easy to pull up.
  5. When the blinds are pulled up, they conveniently take up less space than other designs due to their short stacking height.
  6. Bamboo wood blinds are easy to clean and maintain.
  7. For added safety, the Child Safe cord breaks if pulled too hard.
  8. Taylor offers a two-year warranty on bamboo wood Venetian blinds.
  9. The blinds are made to order and installed by expert staff for a neat fit.

Bamboo wooden blind maintenance

One of the attractions of bamboo Venetian blinds is that they’re so easy to clean and maintain. You can remove dust using a feather duster or the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. 

If there is heavier dirt on your bamboo wood blinds, wipe the slats down with a mild soap and soft cloth, wringing the cloth out to remove most of the soapy water before gently wiping the slats. Mould can be removed with a soft brush and then wipe the slats carefully with a damp cloth.

Taylor is part of the Trellidor Group, so for further information on Taylor bamboo wood Venetian blinds, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise. We work alongside homeowners, designers and architects to provide Taylor-made-to-measure, locally manufactured, top quality products that are delivered and installed on time.

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