Getting to Know the New Trellidor Estate Range

As one of the leading manufacturers of security barriers in South Africa, Trellidor is known for its tough, anti-crime security gates and burglar bars. There is another side to the business, though, and that is the attractive Estate Range of products that are strong but also a good-looking addition to any home.

The Estate Range has been designed for homes in areas where crime is not high, but people still want to feel safe. The products in this range often don’t look like security gate and burglar bars, but they can be relied upon for protection.

The main reason for installing these security products may not even be to keep people safe from criminals. Often these window and door designs are fitted for other reasons, such as blocking out insects or monkeys.

Here is a run-down of the Trellidor Estate Range and what each design can do for you:

Louvre shutters

In true Trellidor fashion, the first louvre shutter design produced by the factory was first and foremost a security shutter. It has incredible built-in strength, patented locks, and louvres that can be tilted open while still providing a high level of protection against a break-in attempt.

If you live in a housing development of any sort, such as a golf estate, wildlife sanctuary, bush lodge, or gate community, you will know that your home does not need such a high level of security. This is because these homes are protected by other forms of communal security measures such as guarded gates.

The Trellidor Estate Shutter was developed for this type of home. It still is a beautifully designed shutter with a high level of strength under attack, but it comes in at a lower price point.

These shutters are installed because they are multi-purpose and they:

  • Control privacy your way by tilting the louvres by hand.
  • Are an all-in-one, cost-effective replacement for curtains, blinds, and burglar bars.
  • Lock securely, even when the louvres are tilted open.
  • Can be powder coated in any colour you like.
  • Are streamlined, with no external rods or clutter.

Clear Guard

Trellidor Clear Guard was the first see-through security mesh of its kind to be manufactured in South Africa. It became incredibly popular because it maintains clear views through doors, windows and from patios but provides dependable safety and protection at the same time.

The Estate Range version of Clear Guard has in-built strength at an affordable price. With a neat aluminium frame, patented Trellidor locking system, and woven mesh panel, this barely-there burglar bar design:

  • Blocks out everything from insects to monkeys and snakes.
  • Filters out harsh UV-rays and helps to moderate internal temperatures.
  • Provides some fresh airflow through the woven mesh.
  • Allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views through the mesh.
  • The frame can be powder coated to match your window and door frame colour.

Trellidor GriffinGuard is ideal for golf estates, wildlife developments, homes with mountain or sea views, beautiful gardens, or natural landscapes.

Clear Burglar Bars

Polycarbonate bars have become the burglar bar product of choice for homes that don’t need high-strength barriers. The main reason for picking this design for windows is to keep out monkeys and baboons, which create havoc once they get into a home.

What makes Trellidor Poly Guard part of the security products category is that it is strengthened by a patented, extruded aluminium frame. It is fitted to windows using a unique tamper-proof fixing system that adds to its strength.

The result is a neat, protective burglar bar design that is hardly noticeable once installed. The panels are adjustable to allow for customized gap sizes and to accommodate window handles or hinges, making the design practical too.

Why choose products from the Trellidor Estate Range?

These louvre shutters, clear guard, and clear burglar bars from Trellidor are all:

  • Affordable door and/or window solutions to whatever your particular needs are.
  • Multi-purpose so that you get great value for money.
  • Custom-made so that they fit into the space as neatly as possible.
  • Installed by expert technicians to ensure an excellent fit.
  • Backed by trustworthy warranties and after-sales service.

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