Getting to Know Our New ShutterView SS

ShutterView SS by Trellidor is a beautiful aluminium louvre shutter for windows and doors. If you are looking for strong shutters to provide safety but don’t need the high level of protection offered by more expensive security shutters, this is the design for you. They do so much more than modernise interiors, so let’s get to know them.


Features and Benefits of ShutterView SS

Louvre shutters like shutterview ss are made up of horizontal slats that can be tilted by hand to an open or closed position. The slats are fully framed for a neat finish. The result is a clean-lined, modern shutter that fits perfectly into most home styles. 

You may want them just because they look so good inside a home. Or because they really up the kerb appeal of a home from the outside. Or it may be the fact that you can control airflow, light, and visibility by simply adjusting the louvre panels by hand.

Whatever the reason for finding them so appealing, the most practical benefit is that louvre shutters like ShutterView are multi-purpose and cost-effective. They are very tasteful burglar bars that keep intruders out by protecting windows and doors. And they are also beautiful blinds with slats that can easily be adjusted to your favourite position.


What you should know about ShutterView SS:

  • Unlike most louvre shutters, all the mechanisms that open and close ShutterView SS shutters are hidden inside. This gives the shutters a clean finish with no rods or levers creating clutter or spoiling the view. And it improves home security because there is nothing obvious for criminals to breach in order to get inside your property.
  • You can choose how many of the louvres are connected. For example, you may want the top half to of the louvres to open together, keeping the bottom half closed for privacy. Closed and locked shutters provides security even when the louvre panels are in the open position.
  • Each louvre has a unique and gentle S-shape for better airflow. When the louvres close into each other, the shaped louvres allow excellent water run-off.
  • ShutterView SS shutters are strong when attacked by criminals because each louvre is reinforced with an internal threaded steel rod and each unit is fitted with top of the range, customised stainless-steel hinges for added strength and security. 
  • The shutters have a tamper resistant Trellidor lock with a unique key and serial number for added security. The lock is accessible from both sides of the shutter so that you can lock or unlock it from inside or outside your home.
  • Each shutter is fitted with unique side locks to reduce friction and ensure that the louvre panels open and close smoothly.
  • ShutterView SS shutters are pre-treated, and powder coated to protect them from corrosion, the damaging effect of UV-rays, and to create a high-quality surface finish.



When and Where to use ShutterView SS

Trellidor security shutters are the perfect window and door solution to use throughout your home, especially if you choose well-priced ShutterView SS. Here are some ideas of where they can be installed:

  • On all your windows instead of blinds, curtains, and burglar bars. ShutterView is an all-in-one product, so it does all these jobs in one lovely product, saving on expenses.
  • On doors that lead outside from bedroom or living areas. You can leave the doors open for fresh air if your ShutterView shutters are closed and locked. Tilt the louvres open to let in the sunshine or a breeze and to see what’s happening outside.
  • Around your patio, where they will provide protection while you enjoy this outdoor space, even on rainy days.
  • As a room divider if you have a large open plan home. ShutterView SS is made in different configurations to suit the opening, so a set of bi-fold louvre shutter doors may be the perfect solution to shutting off the kitchen or dining room from the rest of the space when necessary.
  • Around your home in a gated community, where you have to keep to architectural rules. ShutterView does not look like burglar proofing, so it is acceptable in these secure home neighbourhoods where you may not be allowed burglar bars or security gates but still feel the need for protection.
  • ShutterView SS is one of the most popular window treatments for coastal holiday homes because they fit into this environment so well. Apart from creating a bright and breezy atmosphere, they are also long lasting as they’re made from aluminium and treated against corrosion.



ShutterView SS Colours

White louvre shutters have been part of the interior décor toolbox for many years because they are fresh and complement most decorating styles. In recent years, though, punchier colours are being requested so that the shutters add an element of drama. They also work well with the industrial interior style that is everywhere at the moment.

The Trellidor factory has excellent powder coating plants and can powder coat aluminium louvre shutters in any colour requested by customers, but the most popular requests are for matt black, charcoal, aluminium, and bronze. Matt brown is frequently ordered for homes with wood window frames, and matt sand for seaside homes. White is still the top seller, though.  


What next now that you know all about ShutterView SS?

The best way to find out whether a window treatment will suit your home and your needs is to see it first-hand. We do this with curtaining and blinds, so why not with louvre shutters too? Trellidor has showrooms through South Africa, and they are a great space to try out ShutterView SS and compare it to other options. 



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