George families full of heroes

The African proverb It takes a village to raise a child came to life when a brave young man was on the receiving end of community kindness.

Communities do care

If the news we’re confronted with everyday is to be believed, it’s a hard world out there, full of unkind people. Fortunately there are always those that swim against the tide, proving that there are good, kind individuals and families out there. The Field family of the Western Cape town of George is one such family.

The Fields own the Postnet and Trellidor franchises in George. The younger members of the family moved to George in 2012 after several nasty run-ins with criminals in their original home town of Johannesburg. Trellidor George franchise owner Brendan Maguire said his father in law encouraged the move and it was definitely the right one as the family is really enjoying living in this community.

So when family friend young Werner Swanepoel lost his leg in a dreadful motorbike accident, it was the Fields, amongst others, that pitched in to help him literally get back on his feet again.

Local heroes help out

Werner is a Grade 10 pupil at Outeniqua High School and a former rugby player. The loss of his leg was devastating and the rehabilitation expensive. Werner’s grandfather Willie Vermaak came to the rescue as well as Craig Field, the owner of Postnet, his father (a friend of Werners), Brendan Maguire of Trellidor, Outeniqua High School and other kind donors.

They all contributed towards a prosthetic leg for Werner. Grandfather Willie was quoted in the George Herald as saying: “Without their generosity we would never have been able to afford the prosthetic leg.”

Werner has shown his fighting spirit by continuing to be physically active, taking up swimming and joining the school’s water polo team. My grandson is a go-getter. He is not someone who gives up.

It’s a great attitude and one the rest of us can learn from when it looks bleak outside!



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