Fully Framed Windows Security For Added Strength

The burglar guards are fully framed and bolted into the substrate surrounding the window for added strength.

We’re all aware that we need something on our windows to keep us safe at home or work, and the barriers we choose don’t necessarily have to be ugly.  Take a look at Trellidor Cottage Guard for instance.


rellidor’s Cottage Guard burglar bar design can be manufactured to match existing cottage pane windows so that they are hardly noticeable.  They can also create a cottage pane effect to other window styles.  Either way, they provide a softer image than conventional burglar guards, especially if powder-coated to co-ordinate with the home’s colour palette.

The strength of this burglar proofing lies in its design.  Each custom-made unit is manufactured from rectangular extruded aluminium with a reinforced steel bar through the centre, making them one of the strongest window security designs on the market. 

The units are fully framed and bolted into the substrate on all four sides of the window with coach screws, which helps them stand firm under attack.  The spaces between the bars can be adjusted according to requirements, but can never exceed 280mm by 230mm, which is generally the maximum allowed by insurance companies.

The spaces can, however, be made smaller, which is useful particularly in commercial buildings.  For example, a Persian carpet retail outlet requested that Trellidor secure their premises after a spate of burglaries.  We designed our Trellidor Cottage Guards so that the spaces were too small to push the rolled up carpets through, and the company’s shrinkage dropped dramatically.

This would work equally well at home, and would solve the problem of thieves fishing for goods to steal, using poles or swimming pool nets to drag small but valuable items through open windows.

Most old-style burglar guards are attached to the window frame and can easily be bent inwards at the bottom of the window by thieves.  Burglar guards screwed into wooden window frames are also vulnerable as they can be kicked out, damaging the wood and making repairs difficult.  Aluminium window frames often have pop riveted burglar guards that are simply pushed out to gain access. 

The solution to all these problems at home and at work is Trellidor Cottage Guard, with the added bonus of a superior powder coating process that allows for a five year guarantee against corrosion. 

Trellidor franchises countrywide are all trained to carry out these installations, which require accurate measuring of each window, precise calculations to design the unit for that window, and professional fitting.  Trellidor Cottage Guard is at the opposite end of the spectrum to off the shelf burglar proofing in terms of both its strength and fitment method.

They’re an excellent solution to window security as they don’t require any welding and have no weak points.  They also don’t make your home or office park look like a jail and co-ordinate well with our security gates, said Trellidor Marketing and Sales Director Peter Rawson.

These aluminium windows looking out onto a stunning view are protected by Trellidor Cottage Guard.

Trellidor Cottage Guard on these windows and Trellidor Clear Guard on the door have been powder coated to blend in with the room’s decor.

the ultimate crime barrier

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