Five safety tips every woman should heed

August is Women’s Month. Here are some important tips on ways to keep yourself safe from harm, published in the Bedfordview and Edenvale News on 23 July 2014.

The article was written by the Head of Crime Prevention at Edenvale SAPS, Lieutenant Colonel Robbie Roberts under the heading Five safety tips every women should read.

Lieutenant Colonel Robbie Roberts safety tips

  1. Be alert. I cannot stress this enough. Get into the habit of noticing not only the details of your physical surroundings but also who else is there with you. Maintain focus on the here and now instead of getting distracted by what you will be doing 10 minutes from now.
  2. Avoid walking or running alone.  While I understand the need to keep fit, try to avoid walking or running alone. Rather get a group of women together. There is always safety in numbers. Alternatively, join one of the many running/walking clubs in the area. If you have to walk to the shops, make sure you are not alone.
  3. Learn basic self-defence. In any situation one or two basic moves could be the difference between being a victim of crime and escaping. It is also a great idea to have a small pepper spray or tazer with you at all times. Using any one of these on an attacker can give you at least five seconds to escape.
  4. Avoid potentially dangerous places. The more isolated a place is, the more potentially dangerous it is. Often while patrolling we see women running or walking alone, past open fields and spaces.

 As a good rule of thumb, anywhere other people aren’t is a good place for you not to be either!  

  1. Do not trust strangers. Women are naturally more caring and are therefore easy targets for criminals. Do not trust anyone. Their sob stories can get you hurt.

Please pass these safety tips for women onto every woman and girl you know.  They may help save someone’s life.


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