Five Reasons To Love Trellidor Clear Guard

Clear Guard security screens draws the crowds

At the last few expos around the country and abroad (Homemakers in Jo’burg; Decorex in Cape Town; ECR House and Garden Show in Durban; Homes Kenya Expo in Nairobi), Trellidor Clear Guard has been one of the main attractions, drawing visitors into the Trellidor show stand.

People that have heard about it head straight for the Clear Guard security screen doors and windows. They are keen to try them out to see what the mesh insert is all about and to test the strength of the product. They already love the idea of see-through security. But they need to be sure it’s a proper door or window protective barrier and not glass.

Others just passing by the stand are expecting the usual steel security gates and burglar bars. They stop in their tracks when they see the Clear Guard doors and windows. Surely this isn’t a security barrier? And are then delighted to find out that it is.

So for those of you that haven’t made it to one of the shows, here are five reasons to love Trellidor Clear Guard:

1. It stands up well under attack, as our attack test videos show. And it is just as strong as other types of security gate and burglar proofing.

2. It keeps out irritating insects like mosquitoes. This is a real bonus in areas where malaria is a problem, and any location where mosquitoes and other insects are a nuisance.

3. Clear Guard also keeps animals like monkeys, baboons and snakes out of your home. This is good news for places where these are a problem.

4. Clear Guard has a neat aluminium frame and a mesh screen insert. The mesh is fine enough to let you see right through it. There are no bars blocking your view of the outside. This is great if you have a lovely garden or interesting outlook. You can clearly see your view of the sea, river, mountains or other natural wonders.

5. Trellidor Clear Guard can be made to protect doors as well as windows. It doesn’t matter whether you have sliding doors or windows, awning windows, bi-fold doors or any other style. Clear Guard can be designed to work with it without obstructing handles and other hardware.

Find your nearest Trellidor outlet to see Clear Guard

If you haven’t had a chance to see Trellidor Clear Guard for yourself, contact your local Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor. They’ll bring you samples of these lovely aluminium framed security grilles with their woven stainless steel mesh insert.

Or visit your local Trellidor showroom to try outdoors and windows manufactured from this product. It’s the answer for anyone looking for security without clutter.

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