Five Reasons to Choose Trellidor Clear Guard for Your Home

Clear Guard is one of those home improvement products make you wonder how you lived without it before you had it installed. Although it was introduced to the market by security-barrier manufacturer Trellidor, it has many uses beyond providing safety. These additional attributes combined with its see-through qualities have made clear guard a homeowners’ favourite.

It is a difficult product to describe because it is so different to anything else on the market. The best way to get an idea of what it looks like is to visit a Trellidor showroom near you or call your nearest Trellidor franchise and they will bring a sample to your home.

Here are five reasons to choose Clear Guard for your home.

Good looks

Trellidor Clear Guard is a beautiful looking product, as far away from ugly burglar bars as you can get. Instead of metal bars, it has a stainless-steel mesh panel with a four-sided, sleek aluminium frame.

It sounds impossible, but through the wonders of modern technology, the stainless-steel is woven into a fine mesh that is both see-through and strong. Once fitted, the Clear Guard is barely noticeable so you don’t have to forgo clear views out of your doors and windows.

It is made to work seamlessly alongside your existing doors and windows and is also excellent for patios. If you have sliding glass doors, the Clear Guard will be manufactured in a sliding security screen door format so that the two sets of doors work parallel to each other. The same applies to any other style of door or window.

The result is stylish protection that enhances the appearance of your home, adding value in so many different ways.


Trellidor Clear Guard units are custom-made for each door, window or other opening. This means that they fit the space snugly, making them very neat additions. A customised installation makes for a stronger security barrier too as it minimises any weak points that could be exploited by criminals.

These security screens can be made to protect doors as well as windows, so it doesn’t matter whether you have sliding doors or windows, awning windows, bi-fold doors or any other style, Clear Guard can be designed to work with it without obstructing handles and other hardware.

One of the benefits of Trellidor Clear Guard is that you can choose the colour of the aluminium frame. There is a palette of standard colours available as well as the option of selecting a colour from your interior decorator’s storyboard.


Clear Guard screens provide excellent value for money. Many homeowners have them installed as an attractive form of security but they have multiple other uses including:

  • The mesh screen blocks out mosquitoes, which is a great benefit if your home is in a malaria risk area or even if you are simply bothered by the more harmless but annoying variety of mozzie. People that react badly to mosquito bites love Trellidor Clear Guard.
  • Monkeys and baboons are a pest in many areas, particularly in coastal towns and cities. Clear Guard screens stop them from getting inside your home and creating havoc. It doesn’t harm these animals in any way, which is important to conservationists.
  • Snakes, too, can be a problem in some parts, and they can’t get through the Clear Guard mesh panel.

Climate control

Trellidor Clear Guard screens assist with climate control inside your home. The screens block out a high percentage of UV rays and this helps keep out excessive heat. It also helps to protect your furniture and carpets from fading.

The mesh allows some airflow into your home, so on hot days you can open your doors and windows while keeping your Clear Guard screens closed. They will deflect some of the heat, helping to moderate the internal temperature.

Excellent security

Clear Guard is an outstanding method of controlling access into your home. It stands up well under attack and compares favourably to high-quality security gates and burglar proofing in terms of strength. Fit it to doors and windows, in passages and around patios and your home will be beautifully protected without the clutter of conventional burglar bars or gates.

Clear Guard doors and windows are fitted with Trellidor locks that can be keyed-alike on request i.e. all the locks on your Trellidor Clear Guard units can have the same key number (or different keys if preferred).

Where to use Clear Guard in your home

Clear Guard can be fitted in all areas of your home, from bathrooms to bedrooms and living areas.

Here are a few more specific suggestions on where it can be used to enhance your lifestyle:

  • Doors and windows that overlook the garden or other great views, which you will be able to see clearly through the Clear Guard screens.
  • Install a Clear Guard screen on both your front and back doors. Then you can leave the doors open for fresh air flow throughout your home, while your Clear Guard doors are closed and locked for safety reasons.
  • Create wonderful indoor/outdoor flow by fitting Trellidor Clear Guard to sliding doors and windows that lead onto entertainment areas.
  • Extend the use of a patio by installing Clear Guard on the outer edge, providing protection from insects, snakes, monkeys and people while you enjoy your leisure space.
  • Clear Guard screens are ideal for eco-estates, game lodges and holiday homes as they’re a humane way of keeping wildlife out of living areas and public spaces and they don’t spoil the ambience for guests.
  • Clear Guard is perfect for secure living estates with strict rules prohibiting visible burglar proofing because this product does not look like security barriers at all.
  • If your home improvement budget is limited, install Clear Guard to doors and windows that will enhance your lifestyle, such as windows that you look out of frequently; sliding doors onto the patio; or doors that lead out to your swimming pool.

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Price of Trellidor Clear Guard

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Clear Guard is custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give a quotation.

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