Five reasons to choose roller doors

Roller doors are not the first form of barrier security that comes to mind for most South Africans. They are very common in other countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, where they are used to cover windows. These roller shutters or doors are not strong enough to be classed as security barriers, but they do keep out bad weather and offer some privacy.

Trellidor manufactures an aluminium roller door that provides security as well as privacy and protection from weather. Here are some good reasons why you should consider them as burglar proofing for your doors and windows.

1. Roller doors provide excellent security

Once roller doors are closed, the opening is virtually inaccessible to robbers trying to break in. They’ll have to try to get inside your home through another opening, because roller shutters create a complete lock down.  The shutter box can be hidden away from house breakers in a ceiling cavity and the motors are tamper-proof.

2. Automated roller doors are incredibly convenient

Roller doors can be manually operated. But it makes more sense to automate them. What could be more convenient than operating your security barriers at the touch of a button?  Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters can be operated using a hand-held remote and/or a wall mounted panel.

3. Roller doors can be fitted to windows too

Roller shutter doors can be fitted to doors, windows, your passage, stairway and patio.  Each shutter is custom made to fit the opening properly for extra strength and security.  The Trellidor Rollerstyle range is made from aluminium, so they’re much quieter than steel ones and a pleasure to have in your home.

4. Roller shutters take up very little space

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters roll up out of sight into a compact shutter box when you don’t need them. The installation is very tidy as there is no bottom track to trip over. The shutter glides up and down in neat, recessed guide channels in the wall on each side.  Once the roller doors are up in their shutter box, your windows are easily accessible for cleaning or to open up your view.

5. Aluminium weathers extremely well

Roller shutters manufactured from aluminium are suitable for all sorts of weather conditions. This includes corrosive coastal areas. The shutters just have to be well cared for in terms of cleaning and motor maintenance.They also protect your home from the elements.The solid slat design prevents dust, sand and rain from getting inside. And they block out excessive wind or heat and sunlight.

The Trellidor Rollerstyle range offers a number of different slats styles to suit your purposes.You could choose one slat such as a solid or perforated one for the whole shutter; or you could combine slat styles using solid slats for most of the shutter with a few rows of punched slats to create a viewing panel.

Take a look at the different Trellidor Rollerstyle options available.   


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