Extra Home Security Costs to Budget for

Home security systems are a significant investment that can guarantee the safety of your possessions and family. However, there might be some costs that are involved that you might need to factor in. This article will look at the expenses that you will need to budget for.

  1. Basic Alarm System

    An alarm system is necessary to ensure that you receive monitoring for your home. The costs involved for a basic alarm system vary depending on the equipment and the installation required for the system. When purchasing a basic alarm system, usually installation is included. The average costs that you will incur for installation range from R1000 to R3000. Installing a basic alarm system might be necessary if you do not necessarily have the money required for the extra equipment. When you have the money for the extras, such as a CCTV, you can always add them on at a later stage. You can expect to pay from R3000 to R5000 for a basic alarm system.
  1. Alarm Installation Fee

    The price you will pay for alarm system installation largely depends on the extent of the installation. When purchasing an alarm system, it will usually come as a package that includes complete installation and a monthly service agreement that is generally for 24 months. However, with wired systems, professional installation is required as this ensures that the installation is safe and guarantees the longevity of the equipment purchased. The amount you can expect to pay for alarm installation ranges from R1500 to R2500.
  1. Advanced Alarm System

    When paying for an advanced alarm system, the costs vary because of the alarm system itself, so this depends on the brand, the functions, and any special add-ons you might require for the alarm monitoring service. The usual standard alarm monitoring service offered is a 24-month contract; however, this varies from company to company. Since the price varies based on the equipment and add-ons you choose, you must look around before committing to anything. However, the usual price range for advanced alarm systems is between R6000 to R10000.
  1. Monthly Alarm Service

    The monthly alarm service is the cost of the monthly armed response and alarm monitoring service that you pay for. A monthly alarm service is essential, especially if burglary were to occur. When the alarm is activated, it will notify the police. You also have the benefit of 24/7 staff monitoring which would be helpful in emergencies. Some companies offer a free alarm link when you switch from your existing security company. However, you should regularly check with the different alarm service providers to ensure that you are not paying more than you should be. In the case when you are paying more, you can switch to a different service provider. The average costs for a monthly alarm service range from R200 to R500 per month.
  1. CCTV Installation

    CCTV installation fee does not include the security cameras. The price you pay for the installation depends on the system that is being installed and the site and location of installation – the costs for this service range from R2000 to R5000.
  1. CCTV Packages

    Home security cameras are crucial for home protection, and they are a great crime deterrent. When a break-in occurs, you would need the footage captured by the camera to assist the police in catching the perpetrators, which is why they are a necessary investment. CCTV packages include the security camera system, remote CCTV monitoring service, and the installation fee. The costs for this package will vary based on the number of channels that a CCTV system contains. However, the prices you can expect for a CCTV package will range from R7000 to R17000, with the average being R12000.
  1. Infrared Detectors

    Infrared detectors are a type of motion sensor which use infrared radiation. The price you pay for infrared detectors will largely depend on the brand, the technology (whether the technology is wired or wireless), and the product’s technical specifications. However, the average cost for infrared detectors is R2000, with the price ranging from between R1000 to R3000.


We want our homes to be secure as you might be considering installing a security system for your home. It is crucial that before you purchase security features, you are aware of all the costs you will need to factor in. Above, we have mentioned some of the security costs you can expect when investing in a security system.

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