External Roller Blinds vs. Roller Shutters – Which is Perfect for Your Patio?

The choice between external roller blinds and roller shutter doors for your patio depends on your reason for installing them. They both give you control over your privacy and the weather, like wind and sunshine, but they differ in many ways. We give you more detail on each option so that you can make an informed choice.

Outdoor roller blinds for patios

These are external roller blinds, made from fabric and fitted to the outer edge of your patio. They are custom-made to suit the size of the openings on your patio and there is a wide choice of fabric from which to choose. You may want a lightweight screen that you can see through, or you may prefer blockout roller blinds that keep light out.

Roller blinds provide privacy from people and protection from weather. But they do not stop intruders from getting inside your entertainment area and perhaps even your home.

External roller blinds features

External roller blinds offer the following benefits:

  • They block out wind. How effective they are at this will depend on the type of roller blind you decide to purchase.
  • They help you control how much light penetrates your patio, depending on the type of fabric you choose.
  • They provide privacy when you’re on your patio, no matter what fabric you select.
  • The blinds can be automated on request, making them incredibly easy to open and close.
  • Or you can choose the manual option if you prefer this.

Taylor external roller blinds, which are available through your local Trellidor outlet, have the ability to custom-make outdoor roller blinds for average to very large openings. They offer two types of outdoor blind mechanisms:

  • Lockscreen blinds

    These external patio blinds have side guide channels that lock the fabric in place when the blind is rolled down. This stabilises them in windy conditions. The guide channels reduce the amount of light and wind gets through into your entertainment area. 
  • Bracket Screen blinds

    These external roller blinds are installed with open brackets and are designed for sheltered locations where there are light winds only. These patio blinds are manually tied down with supplied bungy cords to help stop them moving in mild wind. You can opt for side channel or cable guides to provide additional protection from wind.

Roller shutter doors for patios

Like roller blinds, roller shutters are fitted to the outer edge of your patio. They can also be fitted between your patio and your lounge or whatever room the patio leads into. Homeowners usually choose aluminium roller shutters rather than steel as they are less noisy and roll up and away into a more compact shutter box.

Roller shutter features

The benefits of Trellidor roller shutters are:

  • They provide a high level of security because once closed because they lock down the opening completely.
  • They roll up and down inside neat guide channels that can be recessed into the side walls.
  • They do not require a bottom track, so there is no tripping hazard.
  • They are very effective in blocking out weather such as strong winds.
  • They block out light such as strong sunlight and UV rays.
  • They provide an element of sound insulation.
  • And keep dust out when they are rolled down.
  • They offer complete privacy once closed.
  • They can be automated on request and operated using a hand-held remote control.
  • Alternatively, they can be manually operated.
  • Automated shutters have the option of a manual override system for use in the event of a power failure.
An image of roller shutters in a lounge

Roller shutters can be fitted inside your patio or to the outside wall. The neat shutter box can be recessed into a ceiling cavity in a new build or an alteration where there is pre-planning between your builder and your Trellidor consultant.

Motorised roller shutters can be incorporated into your ‘Smart Home’ system if you have one. This means you can control the opening and closing of your patio roller shutters from the central control panel.

In terms of colour options, roller shutters can be powder coated to blend in with your home’s colour palette. Trellidor pre-treat the shutter components against corrosion before powder coating to improve their lifespan.

Which to choose for your patio?

If you can’t decide whether to choose external roller blinds or roller shutters for your patio, then give your local Trellidor outlet a call. They will visit your home and help you make the right decision.

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