Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to make an informed decision about how to secure your home or business, you can trust the experts at Trellidor. To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked about our quality security barriers. If you can’t find the specific answer you’re looking for, please contact your nearest Trellidor franchise and they will gladly assist your further.

There is no standard size security gate because every opening has different measurements even if they look the same. We custom-make your security gate to fit the measurements we take on site and this contributes to the strength of the security barrier.

To give you a fair quote we need to measure the opening and quote according to the product you’ve chosen. Window and door openings all have different measurements, security risk levels, handles that have to be accommodated and different substrates for our products to be fastened to, so we really do need a site visit to quote accurately. Our quotes don’t carry any obligation and we’re happy to carry out a free security assessment of your entire property while we’re there.

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Trellidor products are available from a wide network of officially appointed Trellidor franchises in RSA, Africa and countries around the world. Our security barriers are not available off-the-shelf.

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Trellidor do not keep a stock of ready-made security gates in any of our ranges. Our products that are purpose-made and professionally fitted to stand up to a determined attack far longer than an off-the-shelf one that’s not properly installed. The validity of our warranties also requires that we fit our products ourselves, and not the customer.

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No. Trellidor products can only be installed by Trellidor appointed franchises that are authorised to carry our specialised installation tools. Warranties are invalid if our products have not been installed by authorised technicians, including second-hand Trellidor barriers. If you are uncertain whether or not the person trying to sell you a Trellidor product is authorised to do so, please check with your nearest Trellidor franchise.

Yes, we have our own patented slam-lock, which we fit to certain Trellidor Retractable gate models and on customer request. Our research and development tests, however, show that a dead-lock is the best defence against a concerted attack. The slam-lock is a two-point lock, not the recommended three-point lock we install as standard on most gate models.

Our in-house strength tests have shown that a dead-lock is stronger than a slam-lock. A slam-lock may seem convenient but it also has drawbacks, such as locking yourself outside the house accidently. Also, the scenario of having to run back into the house and slam the gate locked is an unlikely one. You are more likely to need good locks when your house is empty or locked up for the night. This is where our dead-lock is an advantage due to its strength. The more the lock is attacked, the tighter the draw bolt locks get, and the stronger it resists an assault. Trellidor’s patented dead-lock conveniently requires only one key to lock all three points.

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All Trellidor security systems carry a warranty in terms of quality, defective workmanship, materials and corrosion resistance, no matter where they’re installed. In RSA we also comply with the Consumer Protection Act. By following our suggested maintenance regime you will ensure maximum longevity of your barriers and the full validity of our warranty. It is essential to keep your receipted invoice in a safe place to use as evidence of your purchase should the need to claim arise after installation.

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No responsible security barrier manufacturer should ever claim to have an impenetrable product. Given the right opportunity, thieves can always find a way to get into your home or workplace. Good quality, well-engineered security barriers, such as the Trellidor range, give you the best chance of either being alerted by an attempted break-in and able to call for help or to escape through an emergency exit route because they will hold up under attack far longer than poor quality or DIY barriers do.

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No, Trellidor will never ask for your bank details via email, even if you are due a refund. Deposits for orders and final payments are transacted via EFT, cash paid at the franchise itself or bank account card, in which case you’ll go into the franchise to complete the transaction. If you receive an email asking for your personal bank details, please contact your Trellidor franchise and query the request. Do not respond to the email with your bank details as this is most likely a scammer looking to defraud you.