Essential Security Gates Guide for Small Businesses

Security should be something that everyone prioritizes, whether for your home or business. Installing security gates is one of the most popular security methods used to protect people against intruders. Security gates allow you to protect your employees as well as your physical assets against thieves. Not only will it offer you some peace of mind, but it will give your business a more professional look.

Best Security Gates

Choosing the best security gates for your business can be a daunting process as you don’t always know where to start or know if you can trust the protection that the brand offer promises.  Luckily, Trellidor offers a great selection of security gates which are able to protect you against intruders. They have been manufacturing for over 40 years and can offer a warranty against defective workmanship, corrosion and materials. Below are Trellidor security gate options that you can choose from for your business which are quick to install, easy to use and cost-effective.

Trellidor Retractable Security Gates

Trellidor Retractable Security gates, also known as sliding gates, are made-to-measure galvanized steel barriers which are created in the Trellidor signature double upright and trellis design; ensuring that the gates are easy to open and close. They are custom-made for windows, doors, stairways, storage areas, passages and other buildings openings.

These security barriers come powder-coated and go through a pre-treatment process to offer protection against corrosion and UV resistance. This treatment method  is done to increase the barriers’ lifespan and give them a quality finish. Additionally, they are perfect for both coastal and inland conditions. Retractable security gates come in 2 standard colours which are Matt Bronze and Black. Then there are 5 non-standard colours like Matt Black, Matt Charcoal, Matt Aluminium, Sand and Light Brown; however, you can request a special colour that you prefer. You can also choose whether you want the option of aluminium or steel gates, along with the option of whether you want the patented slam lock or deadlock.

Retractable Security Gates come in several models that you can choose from that depend on your on-site requirements, security risk profile, individual preference as well as your budget restrictions. The Trellidor Retractable Security Gates are able to give security for medium to high risk areas. The models you can choose from are T500, T700, T800, Trellidor Plus-T900 and Trellidor Trojan II- T1000. The Trellidor Plus-T900 and the Trellidor Trojan I-T1000 have been certified by the internationally recognised Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) in providing strength under attack, which guarantees that you are getting top of the range security. You also have the option of choosing whether you want your Retractable Security Gate to be installed internally or externally and whether you prefer face-on or reveal installations.

Trellidor Fixed Security Gates

Fixed Security Gates are in fact burglar bars and do not open like gates. They are designed to look like sliding security gates, but they are fixed and firmly placed into place using tamper-proof fixings which are custom-made and make it difficult for burglars to breakthrough.

These security bars are fully framed on all four sides which increases their strength. They are made from aluminium or steel and offer protection for both windows and non-opening doors such as patio doors or door sized windows. When the fixed security gates are made, they are manufactured with in-built strengthening features which gives them maximum security for low to high-risk locations. Like the retractable security gates, they are many options to choose from depending on what your preference is, your security risk profile, and your budget restrictions.

The fixed security gates are also high quality and during the manufacturing process, they undergo a pre-treatment process for corrosion and UV resistance. You are able to pick whether you want the security gate to be fitted internally or externally too liked Retractable Security Gates. Having the gate fitted internally is always the better option as it provides better security. When burglars try to enter your business, they firstly have to break the door or window which will be noisy and will alert security systems of danger; discouraging burglars from trying to break in.


You spend a lot of money investing in your business, and you should be able to protect that investment. Investing in a security gate will be the perfect start in protecting your business against individuals who might want to enter your premises. Trellidor will be able to assist you with your security needs and help you in deciding which security gate would be best for your business.

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