Easy Holiday Safety Steps To Help Prevent Break-Ins This Season #1

Do your holiday safety checks before going away

The signs of summer are everywhere and you can almost feel everyone’s attention turning towards the holidays and lazy days at home or away. 

The last thing we need is to have our favourite time of the year spoiled by nasty surprises like a break-in. So before the Big Break gets here it’s a good idea to do a holiday safety check on your home. Find those weak areas and sort them out before you leave.

The Big Holiday Safety Clean Up

Holiday Safety Step 1 is to give your property a good clean-up. Make sure there are no hiding places, easy access points or handy weapons for criminals to use to get in. 

Trim shrubs and over-hanging trees around the perimeter. Lock up gardening and handyman tools. Put away bikes and toys that might tempt thieves to jump over your fence.

Check that security gates and burglar bars are in good working order. There must be no rust, loose screws or degrading concrete around them. 

If they’re in poor condition, or you don’t have any on some of your doors and windows, get in an expert like your local Trellidor franchise and do something about it now.  The solution may be as simple as giving those security gates a good clean and silicon spray to get them to slide smoothly again.

More holiday safety tips

  1. Test your alarm system thoroughly and make sure the signal is getting through to armed response. 
  2. Do an inventory of remote controls for garage, alarm and automatic gates and security gate and house keys. If any are missing, get the codes changed.
  3. Dispose of empty new appliance or gift boxes yourself at the local dump. If left outside on the verge, they advertise new purchases and give crooks a reason to break in.

After the big holiday safety clean up is step 2:

Boost your security systems for holiday safety. Your Trellidor franchise will do a free security assessment for you and make suggestions on how to improve your safety.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to hit the deck chair!

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