Do Home Security Signs Deter Burglars?

When driving around any neighbourhood, it is common to see home security signs stuck on the front gates and lawns. With security systems being costly, it has become popular to post home security signs as a warning of there being a monitored security system that is meant to scare away intruders. However, are these security signs enough to prevent break-ins from occurring?


Everyone wants to have a home that is well protected; however, not everyone might be able to afford a home security system. For that reason, some have started using home security signs as a way to protect their property. These signs and stickers are pretty affordable, and they can easily be purchased online at an affordable price. When potential thieves see these signs on your property, they usually won’t take the time to read them to tell if they are real or not, as this is a labour-intensive task for them. This means that the security signs might work when it comes to protecting your home. However, fake security signs are also becoming a popular deterrent method making them less effective than they might have been in the past. If you have no other option, it is a better option than simply doing nothing.


Though there are some potentially real benefits of using fake security signs as a crime deterrent, there are also some involved risks. Firstly, fake security signs that are not supported by cameras or alarms pose significant risks. Therefore, putting up home security signs when you do not have monitored security could pose some risks. These risks and issues include:

  1. If a thief wanted to case your property, they could quickly search the security company to check its legitimacy. If you chose a security sign that looked legit, they would still catch you out on your lie, making your home more vulnerable to crime. Criminals could also gain a quick peek in a window or door to check if there is a mounted camera or an alarm keypad, and if they do not see one, they will likely target your home.
  2. If you were to use a real monitored security company for your fake security signs, you would be violating laws as you would be using copyrighted material without permission. Violating this law can also have major ramifications as you could get into a lot of legal trouble.
  3. Using fake security signs without any security measures can be extremely dangerous as some burglars are willing to take the risk. Therefore, if they were to target your home, you would end up losing a lot.


The main reason why some people would rather invest in fake security signs is because home security systems are expensive. However, there are some alternatives that they can use instead of fake signs, and these alternatives also serve as effective crime deterrents. These alternatives include:

Installing Security Gates

A leading alternative to look at first is installing security gates in and around your home. Trellidor has high-quality security gates, doors & burglar bars to suit every security need. Our range is internationally certified for strength under attack.

Installing a Security Camera

You can still get a camera for your home, even if you are on a budget. You can start small by investing in a doorbell camera and then gradually work your way up by adding other components when you can afford to.

Get a Dog

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but they are also an effective intruder deterrent. Dogs of large breeds are known to be the most effective security measure as their presence will be enough to scare off potential intruders and convince them to target another home.

Invest in Motion-Sensor Floodlights

Intruders and thieves usually operate when it is dark as they will be able to commit crimes unnoticed. Therefore, it is crucial that you do not make your home more accessible for them to break in. This can be achieved through installing motion-sensor floodlights as they detect motion and can be mounted at your home’s entry points. When they see movement, they will shed light which is enough to scare intruders away.

Install a Smart Lock

One of the ways that burglars will try to gain access to your home is through using the front or backdoor. Therefore, it is advised that you replace your old door locks with a smart lock as it will serve as a better crime deterrent to thieves. The most significant benefit of having smart locks is that they enable you to lock and unlock doors from a distance, making them convenient to use.

Prioritise Landscaping

Prioritising your home’s landscaping is not only beneficial for your home’s aesthetic appeal, but it offers plenty of security benefits. A home with bushes and shrubs that conceal the front door will give intruders a place where they can hide. Therefore, it is crucial that you prune plants regularly and that your home’s main entry is well-lit and visible to your neighbours.


Fake security signs might be affordable and seem to be an easy fix when protecting your home; however, you will need better solutions to protect your home effectively. By using the alternative solutions offered in this article, you will ensure that your home has better protection against crime.

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