Do Burglar Alarms Need Servicing?

Many homes have a burglar alarm installed as it is one of the best deterrents you could install to prevent break-ins from occurring in your home. However, having an inactive alarm could pose some threats as it might not make a sound or fail to alert the monitoring service if you cannot do it by yourself. We will highlight the importance of ensuring that your burglar alarm is adequately maintained and operative.


What is a Home Alarm System?

A burglar alarm system was designed to detect the presence of intruders that are on your property. Alarm systems contain a number of sensors and circuits that are installed within their hardware to monitor the conditions of the installed environment. The environment of the home alarm system will usually not change when the alarm system is active or armed, so it doesn’t sound the alarm. Only when the sensor detects some shift within the area that the alarm will be activated. The sensor will notify the central control panel whenever an intrusion is detected.


Burglar Alarm Servicing

You must service your burglar alarms regularly as it assists in maintaining the performance of the alarm system. Regular servicing of the alarm system will ensure that the system remains reliable and durable for a longer duration. Servicing is also cost-effective and sensible. It is better than waiting for the alarm to break down as repairs can become costlier than simply taking the time to service the alarm system.

Burglar alarms require servicing as they prevent future faults, such as those involving the circuits and detection components. Instead of going through the challenge of trying to fix the alarm system by yourself, you must always seek out the help of a professional to deal with any issues that you might encounter. One common issue that leads to burglar alarms needing to be serviced is issues with the internal battery, such as the battery running dead or showing signs of failure. Issues with the internal battery usually occur due to the battery not being replaced in more than two years. To fix this issue, professionals will use a multimeter that will allow them to check for any blown fuses or issues, such as a fault with the personal circuit.

Burglar alarms might also need to be serviced due to issues that occur due to the weather, as damp weather conditions that might lead to infiltrating the circuit box and corroding the battery and other electrical components, such as the external door contacts. If these issues occur, they will need to be replaced to ensure that the burglar alarm works correctly.

Your burglar alarm must be serviced twice a year if it incorporates police approved monitoring security system; however, if it is only a bells only alarm system, it should be serviced at least once each year. Regular servicing enables you to fix any problems that the alarm system might have as the issues develop instead of waiting until the alarm stops working, leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins. Since the batteries tend to run down quicker and they run down after two years, you must detect issues, such as corrosion, blown fuses, open circuits, and faulty micro switched earlier. By ensuring that you service your burglar alarm annually, you will detect issues earlier. If you discover any problems with the burglar alarm before your biannual or annual checks, you must inform a specialist burglary alarm company. The company will check these issues as quickly as possible and fix them before leading to significant problems.

During the burglar alarm servicing, the alarm company will thoroughly check all the circuits, batteries, and fuses at all points and the overall functional capacity to ensure that each component is operating efficiently. The control panel of the burglar alarm will usually contain all the records of all the alarm sounds, issues, replacements and malfunctions. The professional from the alarm company who will service the alarm will go through the electronic copy of the alarm’s history and, through this log, determine the best way to service the alarm. If any issues are detected with the burglar alarm during servicing, the professional will fix the problems. Once servicing is complete, you will also receive a report of the service that was conducted, the repairs that were conducted and the current status of the alarm, which ensures that you are on track with the condition of your burglar alarm.




Burglar alarms are the most significant deterrents of crime, and to ensure that your property is never breached, they must always function to the best of their ability. To ensure that your alarm is in excellent condition and that it is possible to do its job, it is essential that you prioritise servicing as this assists in detecting any issues the system might have earlier.

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