Discover 3 Affordable New Trellidor Products To Make You Feel Safer

The Trellidor team is very aware that people are having to make hard choices about where to spend their money. Load shedding has a lot to do with this as it forces us into buying generators, inverters, and solar panels plus the cost of living continues to rise. At the same time, crimes like housebreaking are increasing and can’t be ignored. To make security more accessible to all, Trellidor has launched three new affordable products.

Even though the new security barriers for doors and windows are reasonably priced, there is no compromise on your safety. The new designs still have the strength expected from a Trellidor security barrier. What our engineers have done is to design strong products that offer better value for money.

They have also taken into account the change in lifestyle that many South Africans are making. People living in cluster housing and gated communities don’t always need pricey, high-end security barriers because they usually have external security like electric fencing and guards at the entrance gates. But they still need to be protected from threats such as opportunistic thieves, insects like mosquitoes and animals like snakes and monkeys. The new Trellidor barrier designs achieve this at a manageable cost.


The 3 new Trellidor products that will make you feel safer at home:


  1. GriffinGuard
    Many people love Trellidor Clear Guard security screens because they don’t look like security barriers, plus they are see-through. The woven mesh screen panel blocks out pests like insects and monkeys so they’re great for eco-estates, Cape and KwaZulu-Natal homes, and many other parts of South Africa.But Clear Guard is quite expensive for the average household budget, so Trellidor has launched a less expensive mesh screen called ‘GriffinGuard’. It is also a see-through mesh security screen but is far more affordable and has some cool features like black handles and hinges to match the mesh screen.

    These security screens are not the heavy duty and more expensive Clear Guard, but they are certainly strong enough to deter criminals. Like Clear Guard, GriffinGuard helps block out the sun’s UV-rays, protecting furniture and fabric inside your home and moderating internal temperatures.

    The see-through mesh is one of this product’s biggest selling points because you can easily see the outside view, even when the screens are closed and locked. The design is streamlined and modern, so they fit in perfectly with today’s décor styles.

    GriffinGuard security screens are ideal for cluster homes, gated communities, apartment blocks, and bush lodges. It’s for anyone that needs something to protect their windows and doors but doesn’t want to look through burglar bars or gates.


  1. Trojan TX 

    The Trojan TX sliding security gate is similar in looks to the popular trellis-style gates that have always been part of the Trellidor range. The big attraction of this new model is its affordable price. It is still a strong Trellidor security gate that will keep criminals out, but it has been designed with a lower price in mind.This gate has a two point locking system and you can choose to have a slamlock or a deadlock fitted, depending on preference. Like all Trellidor security gates, you can fit them to windows too as burglar proofing. Sliding window protection is very convenient because you can open it up as an emergency escape route or even just to clean the windows.

    Sliding security gates in doorways are an easy way to combat crime. The Trojan TX slides smoothly and has a neat, compact sash that stacks neatly to the side. Security experts always advise that the gates are preferably kept closed and locked to keep residents safe inside their homes.


  1. Trojan Classic
    The Trojan Classic safety gate looks the same as the security gate Trellidor has been selling for over 40 years, but the Trellidor engineers have remodelled it to give you an excellent level of protection at a lower price point. The design includes a very strong deadlock with a three point locking system.This particular gate is for homes in areas with a higher crime rate because it has more in-built security features than the Trojan TX. It includes an integrated top shroud and a lock stile shroud to counter breach attacks using tools like crow bars. It is a step up in strength and cost but well within reach of those that need strong, dependable burglar proofing to help prevent house breaking or a home invasion.

    Like Trojan TX, Trojan Classic is manufactured in an expanding format for doors and windows and a fixed format for windows. They are typical Trellidor-quality products with attention to ease-of-use details. They slide easily and have a strong lock that engages in several locking points using just one key.


Affordable finance options for home safety

With all these new, more affordable security barriers, there is no need for anyone to feel unsafe at home even if their budgets are under strain. To help anyone struggling to find the funds to pay for their home security, Trellidor offers a four-month interest free loan to help spread the cost of installing protection.

There are other finance options too and information can be found here





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