Design That Works: Security Barriers Do More Than Just Protect

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are changing perceptions – this is great design that works on multiple levels, not just burglar proofing to keep criminals out.

Security barriers designed to work on many levels

Security gates and burglar bars used to be just a means of keeping criminals out of our houses or places of work.  Design and tastes have moved on since then, and because old fashioned burglar proofing is so unattractive people sometimes make the choice to exclude security barriers from their protective arsenal.

Trellidor Clear Guard is turning that trend around.  Apart from their primary function of helping to prevent robbers from getting inside, Trellidor Clear Guard security screens also look good.  They work exceptionally well in modern buildings and update older ones.

The mesh screen that makes up the majority of each security barrier is virtually see-through, so it doesn’t detract from or over shadow any important features in the building.  The barrier’s frame is sleek aluminium and can be powder coated to work with the building’s colour palette.

The screens perform well in other areas too, making them multi-purpose and good value for money.  They moderate sunlight and heat entering through doors and windows; they let occupants clearly see what’s happening outside so that they aren’t taken by surprise by friend or foe; they keep out strong winds and dust; and they block out insects like mosquitoes and other nuisances like monkeys and baboons.

What makes these security barriers good design?

Whether your project is a home or an office, the objectives are the same finding good design that works on a practical level.  Barrier security should also comply with these criteria and these security screens are doing just that.

The important design points are:

  • It is made from an aluminium frame with a stainless steel mesh panel inside the frame
  • This burglar proofing is NOT made from glass, so it does not replace doors or windows
  • It is strong enough to effectively resist a concerted attack but attractive enough to be easy to live with
  • The screens are fitted neatly next to the door or window it has to protect
  • You can see right through the mesh panel to the outside, which is especially important if the view is appealing
  • The security screen’s handle and lock are designed so that they don’t obstruct the door or window’s handle and lock
  • The screens can be made to match any door or window style
  • They are custom made for a seamless fit
  • They can be designed to accommodate features such as curved windows, open sided patios and large picture windows

Take a look at Trellidor Clear Guard design options and see how elegant design and practical security work together.

the ultimate crime barrier

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