Curbing Petty Crime

Trellidor Jeffreys Bay owner Morn Schutz inside a home that can be locked down with its Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters

Because violent residential home invasions are so prevalent in South Africa, we tend to focus on this when we’re assessing our home security measures. But there are lots of situations where petty crime is more of a problem and good quality burglar proofing can go a long way towards preventing our belongings from being pilfered from our homes and places of work.

This thought came to me while in the Eastern Cape on a photography expedition with my Trellidor colleagues. Trellidor Jeffreys Bay owner Morn Schutz took us into some stunning homes in the area to photograph Trellidor security barriers from all our ranges so that we could freshen up our marketing material.

Some of these were holiday homes that are unoccupied for long periods of time. Others were permanent homes and retail outlets that were occupied but a tempting source of money or items to sell for criminals.

An article in The Times newspaper (No food for prisoners Tuesday 4 August 2015) on the increase in crime in Eastern Cape really gave me pause for thought. It appears that police there avoid arresting petty criminals because they don’t have the funds to feed them while in custody.

So, there you have these lovely, well stocked homes and petty thieves with free reign.

The homes and businesses we photographed, though, are unlikely to be these thieves first choice for a break-in. Morn has done an excellent job in advising the occupants on the best way to secure them, and all these particular customers had followed his advice.

Protecting homes

The homes we photographed all had burglar proofing on every single window, without exception. Morn had installed Trellidor Cottage Guard units to most of these windows, a product that he really believes in when it comes to strength. Others, particularly those with beautiful sea or fynbos views, are protected with Trellidor Clear Guard security screens, also great in terms of strength.

The external doors of each home are secured with either Trellidor Retractable gates or Trellidor Clear Guard screens or Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters. One of the more isolated homes has Rollerstyle shutters fitted to all the external doors so that the home can be locked down until the owners arrive for the weekend or holidays.

Protecting businesses

Retail outlets with huge expanses of glass frontage look spectacular but are also risky. Morns solution for one of the shops we photographed was wrap-around Trellidor Retractable gates. The gates slide open easily for trading hours and are closed and locked after hours. The bottom tracks are recessed so that they aren’t a tripping hazard for customers stepping over the threshold.

We also went into the Humansdorp Hotel, which had an unusual Trellidor Clear Guard installation: the security screen covers the whole reception counter, allowing guests and staff to see each other through the screen but preventing access over the counter to criminals. A post box arrangement has been built into the screen for the easy exchange of documents or cash.

Protect your own premises against petty crime

All Trellidor franchises in RSA and internationally offer expert advice on the best ways of preventing criminals getting inside your building to help themselves to your possessions. Find your nearest franchise and ask for their help, whether it’s a holiday home, permanent dwelling or commercial premises. Like Morn, they’ll suggest the right security products for your particular needs and budget.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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