Creative Security Barrier Solution Solves Theft Problem

Solution selling security fixes theft crisis

Selling a security barrier solution for a pilfering problem is a much better approach than a one size fits all approach as our Trellidor Fourways franchise owner, Clayton Taylor, tells in his own words:

As Trellidor franchise owners visiting homes and offices in our local communities, we come across all sorts of security problems that need a creative solution. Sometimes it’s a homeowner that lives in a complex and wants security barriers that fit in with the body corporate guidelines, other times it could be someone needing a safe zone but not sure how to go about it, and sometimes it’s a high security risk home that needs burglar proofing but the resident doesn’t want it to impose on his lifestyle.

Customer’s problem needed a creative security barrier solution

My franchise recently had an interesting one that was commercial rather than residential. A company in our franchise area manufactures motor cycle equipment and had experienced a lot of internal theft, with helmets and gloves mysteriously disappearing from their stock holding.

They discovered that staff members were throwing these items out of windows to others waiting below, presumably by-passing internal security controls, and avoiding being caught. The client looked at various options but none solved the problem because the items were small enough to fit through regular burglar bars.

A tailor-made security barrier solution

The solution was to install our Trellidor Clear Guard security barrier mesh screens to all the windows the suspects had access to. The mesh makes up the majority of each unit and is fully framed in aluminium, leaving no gaps to squeeze anything through. We custom-make these security barriers so we designed these as fixed units that don’t open and installed them on the outside of the windows.

As you can see from the pictures below, the mesh effectively blocks any theft, but the actual windows can still be opened for air circulation. The client is very happy with the result, particularly since the Clear Guard security barriers don’t detract from the factory’s appearance, and just blend in.

Contributor: Clayton Taylor, owner of Trellidor Fourways.

Clear Guard_security barrier_open windowclearguard_security barrier

My team did a sterling job finding a customised security barrier solution and installing it to the customer’s satisfaction, so thank you to them all.

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