Create An Emergency Home Exit with Trellidor

Emergency situations like fire, flooding or a home invasion unfortunately do happen but we’re seldom prepared for it. An emergency home exit could save a life.

Emergency situations like fire, flooding or a home invasion unfortunately do happen but we’re seldom prepared for it. An emergency home exit could save a life. Here’s how to create one with Trellidor’s help.

What is an emergency home exit?

An emergency home exit is a window in your home that is large enough to use to get out in a hurry if the doors are not an option. The designated window is fitted with burglar proofing that opens so that you can get through it easily.

Select your emergency home exit location

In a perfect world, we’d have emergency home exits on all windows that open. Restricted budgets may mean this isn’t possible, so the next best option is to select one or two windows as your emergency home exits, and fit burglar proofing that opens to these.

This may mean replacing old, fixed burglar bars with security barriers that open up for an emergency escape. Trellidor will be able to powder coat the new burglar proofing to match the old units on other windows for seamless security.

The bathroom is a good choice for an emergency home exit strategy as it has running water and a toilet to use. Check that the window is big enough for an adult to squeeze through, and that there isn’t a big drop to the ground on the other side.

Teach everyone how to use the emergency home exit

Once your emergency home exit window security barrier has been fitted, teach everyone how to use it, including children and their minder. They also need to understand that the window is for emergency situations only, not for game-playing.

Watch our emergency home exit video together so you can see how it’s done.

Emergency home exit tips

  • Fit a security gate to the door of your emergency home exit room so that you can lock yourself in securely and give yourself time to get out through the window.
  • Keep keys to your emergency exit’s security barrier in that room.
  • Fit a panic button in this room or keep a portable one there.
  • Keep a supply of emergency items in this room, for example a first aid kit; prescription medicines; a battery powered cell phone charger; pepper spray.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers on the wall or in a cupboard.

Choose window security barriers that can open up your emergency home exit

Windows are usually protected from a housebreaking by fixed security, but there are a number of burglar proofing options that can open when you need them to. Trellidor has three different designs to choose from:

  • Trellidor Retractable Security
  • Trellidor Clear Guard security screens. This is new technology only available from Trellidor, and can be designed to open the same way as your windows for easy access.
  • Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters. They are lighter than steel and open quickly, quietly and easily once activated by the hand-held remote or wall-mounted control.

All these designs are custom-made to fit your a href=”protect-your-home-or-business”>emergency home exit window.

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