Covid-19 Lockdown: Let’s Be Safe Together

For official information about the state of COVID-19 in South Africa please visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za

We sincerely hope that during the lockdown period between 26 March and 16 April 2020 to slow down the Coronavirus that criminals are forced to stay at home too. But there is always a chance that they will circumvent the system. So, while you’re stuck at home, perhaps use this as an opportunity to do a thorough check on your security measures and stay safe at home.

If you require emergency assistance from Trellidor:

Trellidor has received an Essential Service Certificate. This gives us official permission to operate within government regulations during the lock down. If you have a security emergency, we can get to you to help.

Like most other businesses in South Africa, the Trellidor factory is closed for the lock down period. All Trellidor franchises are closed too, so we are limited in what we can do for you.

But we have emergency contact numbers in place and can help as follows:

  1. A temporary solution to automatic shutter motor malfunctions, which can happen if there is a power failure.
  2. A temporary solution to keep you safe after a break-in.
  3. A temporary solution to your critical safety needs if an unforeseen problem crops up.

Once the lock down period is over and the factory is in full operation, your Trellidor franchise will return to finalise a permanent security solution for you.

What to do if you have a security emergency

  1. Call your local Trellidor franchise and explain your problem. Find their number on the Trellidor website.
  2. If you cannot get hold of your local Trellidor franchise, call the Trellidor head office emergency number 076 4589 302 for assistance.
  3. Your Trellidor franchise will do their best to assist you to keep safe during the lock down.

We hope that you won’t need to make use of this unique service, but we are relieved that we can still be there for you even when the country has temporarily shut down.

General lockdown security checklist:

  1. Check that all electronic security devices are in good working order. This includes your burglar alarm, automatic gates, automated roller shutters, panic buttons, external sensors and lights etc. Change batteries and globes if necessary.
  2. Find all your door and security gate keys and remote controls and keep them in safe place, preferably in your safe zone.
  3. When you open doors and windows for fresh air, make sure your security gates and window burglar proofing are closed and locked. This way, you won’t be taken by surprise if someone gets onto your property undetected.
  4. Keep your garage doors closed and locked, especially if there is an internal door that leads into the house.
  5. Shrubs around the perimeter of your property as well as entrances should be trimmed so that they don’t offer concealment to intruders.
  6. Keep a list of emergency numbers in your mobile phone e.g. local police station, fire station, ambulance service and the NICD Hotline on ‪0800 029 999 (operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Call the hotline if you have symptoms of Covid-19).  Print these numbers out and keep them on the fridge door too so that the rest of the family can find them in a hurry.

Above all, take care, stay safe and don’t panic. We’re all in this together.

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