Cottage Guard Colour Range & How to Pick the Best One

It may be surprising to discover that burglar bars are available in a wide range of colours as well as designs. This means that burglar proofing is not the boring ‘one size fits all’ approach of yesteryear. Nowadays you’re able to choose a style and colour that works with your window type and décor preferences so that all the elements blend seamlessly together, providing protection without spoiling the look of these openings.

Cottage Guard is a case in point. These are fully framed burglar bars in a cottage pane style. It is manufactured using aluminium square tubing reinforced with a threaded steel rod through the centre of each tube.

The major benefit of cottage guard is that it is one of the strongest burglar bar designs on the market. The way it is constructed makes it highly resistant to multidirectional forces during an attack, so it is an excellent form of window security.

Of course, nobody wants the burglar bars to be the first feature people notice about their windows, and this is where choosing the right colour for them can make all the difference. The Cottage Guard colour range is versatile enough for you to pick the best one for your home.


Here are some ideas to help you choose the right colour from the Cottage Guard range:

  1. Exposed brick walls

    Bare brick walls have become popular in many design styles, from industrial ‘warehouse’ interiors to shabby chic and even nostalgic vintage era homes. They’re practical, textured, interesting and easy to maintain as you don’t have to repaint them regularly like plastered walls.

    Smooth surfaced Cottage Guard provides an appealing contrast to the rough feel of the exposed brick. The burglar bars get their pleasing smoothness during the manufacturing process, where they’re treated to an anti-corrosion dipping process before being powder coated in the colour you’ve chosen.

    The colour you choose could either blend in with the window colour or provide a contrast. Black burglar bars, for example, look very sophisticated alongside black windows, white louvre shutters and the raw brick in this example:


    Black Cottage Guard with exposed brick wall


    A softer look is created by using white burglar bars next to white windows and exposed brick, as seen in this next example. There is still plenty of pleasing texture in this scheme, but it is a gentler look:


    White Cottage Guard with exposed brick wall



  1. Colour co-ordinated accents

    Another way to choose a colour for cottage guard burglar guards is to pick up on accent colours in your décor. This makes the burglar bars feel like part of the room rather than simply a protection measure you’re forced to install because of the risk of a break-in.

    The bathroom in this next example has cottage guard burglar bars in matte aluminium, which reflects the colour of the window frame, door handles, bathroom counter and the flooring. It’s a gentle mix that doesn’t scream ‘security’ but does that exact job without looking ugly.


    Colour coordinated matt aluminium Cottage Guard


    White Cottage Guard is very at home in this cosy kitchen, where the colour and the cross pattern is repeated in the hanging cupboards. The burglar bars don’t fight with the white windows either, so the end result is a calm space that’s lovely to work in and safe from intruders.


    Colour coordinated white Cottage Guard


  2. Highlight the design style

    The colour of cottage guard bars can be used to emphasise the design style of a room, especially if you pick a strong colour. Here are two examples of very different rooms that use the same black cottage guard burglar bars.

    The first is a clean, modern bedroom with a chic red, white and blue colour scheme. The black window frames and Cottage Guard burglar bars add some interesting contrast to the crisp white louvre shutters and built-in cupboards.


    Black Cottage Guard in a modern scheme


     The black window frame and black burglar guard combination works equally well in this more traditional kitchen with its earthy colours, potted succulents and aloe printed window blind.


    Black Cottage Guard in a farmhouse scheme


  3. Neutral browns soften and blend

    If high contrast and décor drama are not your thing, then soft browns are a good pick for cottage guard burglar bars. They are not as intense as black but still have character and they work with a wide variety of décor colour palettes.

    This kitchen has brown wood cottage pane windows with matching light brown cottage guard burglar bars. The burglar proofing is hardly noticeable because the colour is so close to the wood, plus the size of the burglar bar gaps is the same as those of the window panes. It’s an unobtrusive security solution that’s perfect for the kitchen in this home located in a gated community in the countryside.


    Light brown Cottage Guard in country kitchen



    The window in this last example may be white, but everything around it is in a shade of brown: the blind, counter top and lamp stand. The cottage guard burglar bars are powder coated in dark brown to blend in with it all and provides just enough depth of colour to create a bit of interest too.


    Dark brown Cottage Guard tones in with wood accessories


    These are not the only colour options in the Cottage Guard colour range. These burglar bars can be powdered coated in just about any colour, although non-standard colours obviously cost more.

    Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Cottage Guard is custom-made, so your colour choices can be discussed with the Trellidor consultant that measures your windows for your burglar bars.



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