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The temptation to buy down in the search for short term financial savings could have serious consequences in the long run for home security and family safety.


When times are tough it’s tempting to buy down’ in the search for short term financial savings. When it comes to security, though, the costs could be far greater in the long run. In fact, only thieves see the value in buying cheap security barriers. “Off the shelf or poor quality security barriers only really function as a deterrent to would-be robbers. A determined criminal can break through them in no time at all,” says Louise Morton, Trellidor Brand Manager.
According to Louise, the most effective response to the increase in house robbery in South Africa is to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to break into your home. This requires securing every door and window with the highest quality security barriers you can afford, followed by other layers of security such as a burglar alarm, movement sensors and armed response.

“Good quality products are custom-made to fit each opening, ensuring the integrity of their strength. Our security barriers also have built-in flexibility so that they bend with blows from a robber’s tools, rather than snap like rigid steel,” said Louise. Trellidor sliding security gates are supplied with one of the strongest locks on the market, making it extremely difficult for thieves to break in through this common point of entry. Many trellis-style barriers look similar, but it is manufacturing methods that distinguish one from another. Trellidor constructs its sash (the gate’ part) for strength, linking three of the vertical bars together rather than the usual two, and using two sets of vertical bars, front and back. In spite of this added strength, these security gates open into a small, neat and compact stack and are easy to operate.  “We’re also able to offer extended guarantees against corrosion because we use roll-formed galvanised steel which allows us to coat the entire component and protect it against the corrosive elements experienced at the coast,” said Louise. Trellidor use a superior powder coating process with a pre-treatment procedure that significantly enhances the door or window barrier’s corrosion resistant properties. Many of the moving components are manufactured using glass-filled, industrial quality nylon rather than steel, so there is no danger of rust.

Added value from reputable security barrier suppliers comes in the form of reliable back-up service when things go wrong. It is important to know that your supplier will be there years down the line when keys are lost, or you do building alterations that need securing with the same product as the rest of your home. “Trellidor has been securing South Africans for over 30 years, which is very reassuring for our customers,” said Louise.
“We know that cost can often be a deciding factor, so we have a product range to suit all budgets. We will do a free security assessment for local residents and help them choose the correct mix of barriers for the risk profile of their home,” offered Louise.

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