Certification For Your Safety

Trellidor has just completed a certification project of all RSA franchises. It was a huge undertaking that encompassed over 70 franchises and their owners, sales consultants and installers. The objective was to ensure that no matter where they are located, customers will receive the high standard of service that the Trellidor brand is known for.

We have an induction program for new franchise staff as well as on-going training both in the field and at our head office. The certification project was different in that it involved the whole country over a limited period of time, said Marketing and Sales Director Peter Rawson.

Our franchises represent our brand out there in the marketplace but we at head office are the custodians of the brand. We’ve been hard at work, building our reputation for excellence since opening our doors in 1976 and our certification process is one of the keys to maintaining that reputation. It also protects our customers on so many levels, listed below.

You are able to check that the Trellidor service provider knocking at your door is genuine

Criminals posing as service providers are an ongoing problem as they can gain access to secure suburbs quite easily. Readour blog on the subject and see how it’s done.

To make sure you know who is coming onto your property, franchise staff members have been issued with ID cards that include their photograph and name. The franchise administration staff phone and/or email each customer ahead of the appointment to confirm the details of the salesconsultant or installer, so there are no unexpected visitors. They also wear clothing that clearly identifies them as being from Trellidor, and arrive in Trellidor branded vehicles.

You’ll know you are dealing with qualified people that will do a professional job

Every one of our Trellidor experts is qualified to specify, measure, order or install our security products no matter where they are in RSA. Customers can be confident that Trellidor franchise staff are well-equipped to help solve their security problems because they’ve been trained, tested and certified in their particular area of expertise.

Annual re-certification is intended to maintain high customer service standards

Trellidor certification is only valid for one year and once that year is up, staff have to be certified again. They’re kept up to date on Trellidor products and systems through workshops, training sessions and written tests for which they are well prepared.

Internal audits are an early warning system in terms of trouble spots

Internal audits are conducted to ensure that Trellidor franchise staff comply with their certification training. This helps to plan further training where it is needed and assists staff in improving their skills to offer customers the service they’ve come to expect.

Next stop: Trellidor International franchises

We have a number of Trellidorfranchises throughout Africa and other parts of the world and they are undergoing the same certification process. Logistically this is a far more complicated project than the one we’ve just completed in RSA, but it is essential that our high standard of service is uniform throughout the world. After all, we’re in the business of helping people to stay safe both at home and work, said Peter.

Customers are encouraged to find their nearest franchise and ask any questions they may have about how best to secure their homes and workplaces.

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