Burglarproofing Your Home this Winter – 5 Tips

More burglaries are likely to occur during winter because the days shorten and the nights come earlier. It is never too late to take some precautions to raise the safety levels of your home, and we will share some of the best ways to protect your home this winter.

Burglaries do not only have a negative financial impact, but they also can be highly traumatic. When you know that a burglar gained access to your home and they stole your possessions, it could lead to extreme emotional disturbances and feelings of insecurity. Insurance claims tend to peak during the winter season, and the key reason for these increases in burglaries is burglars can work under cover of darkness. You can follow our basic recommendations to ensure that your home is adequately protected.

1. Review your existing home security

One of the most apparent reasons your home may become compromised is that you ignore the basics. Therefore, you should start by examining the condition of your home’s perimeter to identify any weaknesses like broken gates or damaged fences. If there are any issues, you should fix the things that require repairing or replacing.

Analyse the entrances of your home, such as your doors and windows, as they are the main entry points. Ensure that you always lock the doors and windows, as leaving them open might make it easier for criminals to break in. You can consider installing strong, high-quality locks on doors and windows as this makes them far more impenetrable. You can also improve window and door security with the aid of door security bars and window bars.


2. Check your security lighting

Since the sun goes down earlier in winter, you must pay attention to your security lighting. Installing motion sensor lights around your home will serve as a powerful deterrent. Since burglars want to work unseen in the dark, installing these lights will provide bright illumination, which will scare away burglars. When installing security lighting, focus on the hidden areas of your property that might attract burglars.

Exterior lighting is crucial as it will illuminate pathways which is beneficial for security and safety. You will reduce the chances of someone tripping and hurting themselves in the dark by illuminating paths. The bright lighting would also scare away burglars. Since criminals want to operate under cover of darkness, you should also remove any hiding places around your home.

Another form of security lighting that you can consider installing is infrared security floodlights. These lights work in conjunction with infrared security cameras, enabling the cameras to see in the dark. The infrared light would illuminate the subjects as far as 100 meters away, which allows them to be captured by the security cameras.


3. Invest in home security cameras

Home security camera systems have become more affordable over recent years, with their capabilities becoming more sophisticated. Many of the security cameras available today include night vision and infrared spotlights built into the cameras. Wireless security cameras are a popular option as they do not have any wiring for installation. Wireless security cameras include features such as two-way audio and loud 110-decibel sirens. However, suppose you are thinking of investing in wireless security cameras. In that case, it is vital to note that there have been reports of them being hacked, allowing hackers access to your footage.


4. Protect your valuables

Though most burglaries are opportunist crimes, burglars sometimes target homes based on what they expect to find in the home. If you own valuable possessions such as watches, jewellery, electronics, motorbikes or bicycles, a criminal can take note of this and find out where you live and store these valuables.

You must pay attention to where you store the valuables in and around your home. You should make an effort to ensure that you keep those valuables safe. With bicycles and motorbikes, you should ideally store them somewhere out of sight, like a securely locked garage. They should also be firmly attached to an immovable anchor point inside your storage space with the help of a quality security lock and chain.

Your valuable personal belongings like your watches, jewellery, passports and documentation should be securely locked away in a safe. Ensure that the safe is either fastened to the floor or wall-mounted to prevent it from being taken.


5. Invest in intruder alarms

Intruder alarms provide significant benefits as the alarms serve as both a deterrent and an alert system. Intruder alarms can be helpful alongside other security measures such as outside security cameras, lighting, enhanced window and door security and perimeter security. There are various types of intruder alarms which can be wired or wireless.




Every season poses some security risks, making it crucial to run security and safety checks on your property. Therefore, you should take the time to inspect the conditions of your home and make some improvements to avoid burglaries. Following the tips offered above will ensure that your home is adequately protected this winter.




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