6 Home Security Hacks That Anyone Can Do

Crime and house burglaries are a problem that a lot of us have to deal with and it is important to implement measures that will protect them from becoming a victim of crime. The best way to avoid this is by taking some safety precautions and you can do this by following some simple, but important steps that will be able to keep your home and family safe and secure.

Burglarproofing refers to the measures that you implement to restrict burglars from gaining access into your home through any entry points like doors and windows. Burglarproofing can also refer to a physical barrier that can be manufactured from aluminium, steel and any other materials which can be electric as well. Burglarproofing your home entails putting measures that make your home unattractive to burglars and in turn providing security for you and your family.

Burglarproofing your home does not have to be expensive. Here are some inexpensive ways you can use to protect your home against intruders.

  1. Beef up your door security

    The first entry point that burglars will have are doors, so it is important to secure them. Securing doors can be done by installing retractable or roll down security gates and doors. Retractable security doors which include slam-lock and deadlock systems will allow you to slam the door closed in an instant which would protect you if you were being attacked. The security doors are also light and sturdy while being strong enough to keep burglars out.

    You can also choose burglarproofing products that will allow you to enjoy your view, such as a security screen. A security screen contains a woven steel mesh panel that allows you to still see right through it.

    Another option to consider are louvre shutters which have internal strengthening features and high-quality locks. These will be able to protect you against theft.
  1. Update your locks

    Updating your locks can offer greater security for your home immediately. Your locks could be damaged and easy to pick. If you have had the same locks for a while, there is the risk that someone else might have a duplicate key. This is especially true for people who live in apartments. Ensure that you change the locks when you move in as previous tenants could enter your home using old or duplicate keys.

    You can choose to make use of multiple, one-sided deadbolts which are locked using a single locking mechanism. These locks are recommended by security companies as they reduce frame failure due to their ability to spread out impact over a greater area. Multiple locks also decrease the risk of lock failure as they share the load between locks. You can find quality locks at any hardware store and they will be able to assist you with picking the best locks for your home.
  1. Upgrade your lighting

    Darkness can be a great cover for burglars. Every area of your home should be well lit and not have any dark spots as burglars will use these places to hide. Your own neighbors should be able to see if there is a suspicious person on your premises. You should turn on front door lights and any other entry points as soon it starts to get dark.

    You should consider installing motion sensing lights near dark areas or inside the home. These motion sensor lights contain motion sensing light bulbs which switch on when they detect activity. If the bright light shines on burglars, it will likely scare them off. Not only will these lights keep burglars away, but they will help your family and friends navigate your premises at night and prevent tripping and falling.
  1. Hide your valuables

    You might have plenty of expensive items, but you should not flash these items around. You should pack away any high value possessions you own such as jewelry, money, personal documents, and electronics when you are not using them. You can choose to invest in a small safe which offers better protection for your items. You can fasten your safe to the floor or wall which will prevent burglars from walking away with it.

    Outside of your home you should pack away items like your garden tools, bikes, and any outdoor items that might be easy to grab locked up in the garage when you are not using them.
  1. Secure your windows

    Windows can be used by burglars as an escape route, so ensure that you keep your windows secured. You can secure your windows by installing burglar bars or grilles. Burglar bars may not be the most aesthetically pleasing method, but they offer extra security that your home needs. These bars ensure that even when a burglar breaks the glass, they prevent them from entering your home. Burglar bars are quite noisy and they require quite a lot of effort to break through. They risk getting caught if they try to do so which then discourages them from breaking into your home.

    Make use of blinds and curtains for your windows as well. This discourages burglars from snooping or ‘window shopping’ to figure out what they can steal from your home.

    Ensure that the method you use to secure your windows allows you to escape your home in the event of an emergency such as a break in or fire. You do not want to be trapped in your own house because your windows are tightly secured.
  1. Be cautious about who you invite into your home

    The people who you let into your house can easily steal valuables from your home or make plans about how they will steal from you at a later stage. People you need to be careful about include hire service providers. If you can, ask them for references and do a proper background check.

    Never give hire service providers keys to your home and hide your valuables before they arrive. Once they leave your home, do an inventory check and see if anything is missing. Check that all doors and windows are locked as they can leave them open so that they can use them to come in later on to steal.

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