Burglar Guard Design Guide – How to Pick the Best One

Burglar bars are physical barriers that make it difficult for criminals to get inside a home or business premises. People worried about their safety often choose to fit burglar bars to their windows to prevent criminals from breaking into the building. Trellidor manufactures a range of burglar bars called ‘Burglar Guard’ and it is as practical as its name. Use our Burglar Guard guide to find your best design option.


Burglar Guard features

It is not only ‘looks’ that are important when deciding on a burglar bar design. It is also essential to be aware of the features and attributes of all the burglar guard designs you are considering so that you know how strong they will be once they’ve been fitted to your windows.

One of the most welcome features of Trellidor burglar guard is that it is reasonably priced. This is good news when budgets are tight because it means that you do not have to take risks with your security because you can’t afford to install reliable security. Burglar Guard is affordable to install to protect windows, even if there are many windows in the home or office building. It is also strong under attack.

A second important point to note is that your windows will be more secure if you request a unit that fits across the whole window, not just the windows that have handles and can open. The pane of glass in between these opening windows is just as vulnerable to criminal attack because with the right tools they can cut a hole in the glass to get through. So it makes sense to make sure your burglar guards cover this area too.

A further feature that makes Burglar Guard a worthwhile investment is that they are made from attractive and practical oval shaped tubing that is easy to clean. Cleaning and maintenance of burglar proofing is an important part of ensuring that a warranty remains valid. We’re all far more likely to clean our burglar bars if it is easy to do.



Other important features of burglar guard bars are:

  • Every Trellidor burglar guard is tailor-made to fit the window. The value of made-to-measure burglar bars should not be underestimated. Burglar proofing that fits next to the window snugly is more resistant to attack than one-size-fits-all burglar proofing that may not fill the space properly. 
  • The burglar bars are tamper-proofed by professional Trellidor installers for resistance against attack. This makes the burglar bars stronger when assaulted by criminals. 
  • Each unit is semi-framed to make sure it is strong once fitted into position to protect the window. The frame makes Burglar Guard more reliable as window protection than unframed burglar bars. 
  • This burglar proofing design is suitable for medium to high security risk locations so it is a good option for homes as well as offices. 
  • Trellidor burglar bars are all coated to make sure they are corrosion and UV resistant, which means they can be installed in coastal settings as well as inland.  
  • Each burglar guard carries a warranty against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion. Trellidor has a five-decade track record in the security business, so it is known to provide a dependable after-sales service.

These are all good reasons to choose burglar guard as window protection, but many people are also concerned about the style of their burglar bars. Fortunately, there are several different designs within the burglar guard range, and we’ll look at these in more detail next. 



Trellidor Burglar Guard Designs 

  • Burglar Guard Double Cross Strengthening BarThe explanation of this design is all in the name: it has vertical bars linked together with a double trellis pattern of metal links that cross over each other. They look a lot like a Trellidor sliding security gate, so they’re a good match if you are fitting door protection too. 


  • Burglar Guard Single Cross Strengthening BarThis design is very similar to the Double Cross, except that the vertical bars are linked together with a single trellis pattern from one side of the burglar bar to the other.


  • Burglar Guard Flat Strengthening BarThis burglar guard design has vertical bars joined together by flat strengthening bars instead of a trellis pattern. There are actually two options with this design, because the burglar bars can run either horizontally or vertically, depending on which look you prefer.


Which to choose?

Your choice of burglar guard design will be entirely subjective. It all depends on which one you prefer because all the designs described are custom-made to fit any window. If you are undecided, the best advice is to visit a Trellidor showroom and have a look at all the design options before making your choice. Or ask your Trellidor consultant to bring samples to your premises to help you make your decision.



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