Budget-Friendly Window Security – Burglar Guard Features You’re Missing Out On

Burglar guards for protecting windows are manufactured in many different patterns, strengths, and colours, and choosing the one you need can be confusing. If you have many unguarded windows in your home, then take a look at budget-friendly Trellidor Burglar Guard. It has some great features that make it perfect for most homes and offices.

Trellidor Burglar Guard features

  1. Three burglar guard designs to choose from

Trellidor Burglar Guard designs are available in three different options. The single trellis design has strengthening bars in a single cross that runs from one side of the unit to the opposite side. The double trellis designs have double cross strengthening bars. The flat bar has no criss-cross pattern, just the flat strengthening bars.

If you have Trellidor sliding security gates in the double trellis pattern, you may want to match your windows with either the single or double cross burglar guard designs.

Alternatively, if you have other types of door protection like Rollerstyle shutters or Clear Guard screens, you may prefer the flat bar burglar guard on your windows.

2. Made from attractive and practical oval shaped tubing that is easy to clean

Trellidor window Burglar Guards are manufactured from powder coated electro-galvanised steel and are powder coated in a colour of your choice. They are made from smooth, oval shaped tubing.

These burglar guards are pre-treated for extra corrosion and UV resistance. The powder coating process creates an excellent finish that protects these non-retractable burglar guards and keeps them looking good for years.

Cleaning them is a simple process and needs to be carried out regularly in terms of the warranty. Find out more about how to clean your burglar guards.

  1. Semi-framed for strength plus other strengthening features

Window burglar guards from Trellidor are semi-framed for strengthening purposes. This makes them fit snugly into the window space for a stronger fit. They are custom-made to fit each window, which also adds to their strength under attack because a well-fitted burglar guard is harder to break through.

Custom-made burglar guards require proper measuring of your window opening by a Trellidor security expert. The burglar guards are the specially manufactured for your windows and fitted by an experienced technician to ensure that they provide as much protection as possible.

  1. Tamper-proofed for increased resistance to attack

Trellidor Burglar Guard is installed using tamper-proof fixings. This makes it extremely difficult for robbers or home invaders to remove the burglar guards or break through them. Off-the-shelf fixings do not provide the same level of strength under attack.

  1. Competitively priced and very affordable

These are the perfect burglar guards to purchase if the budget is tight, whether it’s a home or an office building as they are very competitively priced.

They are often fitted to locations where there are a high number of windows that require protection from issues such as petty theft, where people sneak in through the window or try to steal items left lying around on surfaces near the window.

They are particularly useful in combination with sliding security gates on all external doors. This type of security solution locks down the entire building, creating a safe environment for families at home or employees at work.

  1. Suitable for medium to high security risk locations

Because these burglar guards are made by a reputable manufacturer that has been designing and producing security barriers for over 40 years, you can be assured that they will provide excellent protection for any level of security risk, from medium to high.

  1. Can be fitted internally, externally, face-on, in the reveal, horizontally or vertically

The Trellidor Burglar Guard range is very flexible in terms of how you want the burglar guards to look in your home or office. When the Trellidor consultant is at the premises measuring up for a quote, you can discuss with them which design you prefer and how you want it to be fitted.

The choices are:

  • An internal fit, which means inside your home or office and usually in the reveal space right next to the window.
  • An external fit, which is outside the home or office next to the window.
  • A face-on fit, which is onto the wall around the window.
  • A reveal fit, which is in the space around the windows.
  • Horizontal fit, so that the bars or criss-cross pattern runs from left to right.
  • Vertical fit, with the bars or criss-cross pattern running from top to bottom.
  1. Carries warranties against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion

A warranty is a promise or guarantee that if there are any faults in the workmanship, materials, or corrosion within a designated period, the reliable Trellidor after-sales service will kick in.

The Trellidor warranty is subject to conditions that are made clear to customers and is limited to defective installation or faulty workmanship and the repair or replacement of non-conforming or defective materials or components. All rights under the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 apply to this warranty, so customers are well-protected against faulty goods.

The warranty becomes invalid if:

  • Any defects arise from fair wear and tear or wilful damage that is caused due to negligence, tampering, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow use instructions (whether oral or in writing) or misuse
  • Any defects that arise from damage caused due to installations, alterations or repairs being carried out by persons other than a Trellidor approved technician.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the product as per Trellidor product care instructions has not been carried out.

If you would like to see this budget-friendly window security product and get a quote, please contact your nearest authorised Trellidor outlet and they will show you all the features we’ve discussed.

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