Aluminium Security Barriers

Aluminium is an extremely useful and attractive material to work with. It is increasingly popular in modern home design. You’ll find it on roofs, on external walls as cladding, covering patios as an alternative awning and made into interesting furniture. It is also used to manufacture security barriers.

No rust but it can corrode

But did you know that while aluminium does not rust, it can corrode in marine environments?

This is particularly important when your safety is at stake. Low cost, poorly designed burglar gates and bars are too flimsy to resist an attack for any length of time.

So it is important to know what strengthening features your burglar proofing has and that it will not deteriorate rapidly once installed.

There are a number of Trellidor security barriers made out of aluminium:

Well-designed aluminium security barriers by Trellidor

Our product engineers have designed these aluminium security barriers carefully, knowing that:

  • To rival the strength of a steel barrier, you’d need to use almost double the amount of aluminium, making the barrier prohibitively expensive.
  • Aluminium may not rust, but it does corrode and pit in humid, salty atmospheres such as in coastal areas.

Trellidor’s cornerstone belief is that there should be no compromise on strength if a security barrier is to do its job successfully, so here’s how we ensure that our aluminium products are as reliable as can be:

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutter slats are bolstered with more aluminium to make them strong enough to resist attack but not too heavy to operate. And the shutter design is focussed on making a closed shutter virtually immovable once closed.

Trellidor Cottage Guard aluminium square tubing is strengthened with steel rods inserted through the cross pieces, resulting in one of the strongest burglar bars on the market.

Trellidor Clear Guard doors and windows are manufactured using attachment components between the aluminium frame and stainless steel mesh that help prevent corrosion.

Trellidor Louvre Shutters aluminium shutters have internal strengthening rods along the full length of every louvre as well as patented Trellidor locks.

The result is security barriers for doors and windows that perform extremely well under attack tests, proving their strength, and security that can be installed in marine environments too. 

If you have any concerns about the aluminium security barriers you’re considering for your home, check first with your local Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor. They’ll discuss all your options with you on site. Or better still, visit their showroom so that you can test each barrier design for yourself and ask your questions right there using the product samples.

the ultimate crime barrier

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