Attractive Security Shutter Colour Range Options To Pick From

Indoor security roller shutters and security shutters in South Africa are used to protect people and possessions from theft or attack. They are fitted to homes as a layer of security, but they do not have to be purely functional. One of the features of security shutters is that they are also be seen as a décor accessory and can be powder coated in any preferred colour.

The most popular choice for security shutters is white, for the obvious reason that it goes with just about any shade in the colour wheel. But if you are looking for something different, consider the range of most in-demand colours offered by security shutter manufacturer Trellidor. The range has something for everyone.


Security shutters colours most in demand

The colours most chosen for home security shutters fall into three groups:

  1. Earth tones: Sand, Light Brown and Bronze

    These three colours blend beautifully into several interior trends such as reconnecting with nature and the outdoors after all the Covid lockdowns. Forest colours such as olive and emerald, tree bark brown and deep berry red work well with them, but they’re equally at home with a warm toned or neutral palette.


  1. Statement neutrals: Aluminium, Charcoal and Black

    Depending on how they’re used, these three options can either make a statement of their own or blend into the décor scheme. For example, yellow has seen a surge in popularity and both charcoal and black security shutters are a wonderful counterpoint to this optimistic, joyful colour. Aluminium is a useful ‘neutral’ that works with just about any colour you favour.


  1. Perennial favourite: White

    Everyone loves fresh white shutters, whether they are louvre shutters or roller shutters. It combines well with a neutral room, balances strong colour and adds contrast to deep, dark shades. It is so versatile that you can change your décor regularly and not have to change your shutters.

    Interior designers, homeowners, architects, and property developers usually have definite ideas about the visual flow of a room or entire building, so they will specify a particular colour for the security louvre and roller shutters.

    Often, they will choose a colour that matches the colour of the windows and doors so that the shutters blend in with the scheme. But sometimes they may choose a contrasting colour that makes a bold statement.

    The Trellidor production team caters to all these specifications, which may require additional cost and a longer lead time but will result in the perfect shutters for the project.



Types of security shutter

Trellidor security shutters are available in two styles, louvre shutters and indoor roller shutters. Both can be installed externally as well, but the safest installation is an internal one. This is because it forces criminals to break the window or door before they get to the security barrier. This takes time, a great deal of effort, much noise, and the risk of discovery, which they usually try to avoid.

Louvre security shutters have features that make them an excellent all-in-one purchase for a home. The first of these is that the shutters act as curtains, blinds, and burglar bars so there is no need to buy all three. This makes them very cost effective.

The second point to note is that Trellidor security shutters provide a high level of protection, whichever model you choose. They can be closed and locked to provide protection when your windows are open for fresh air and light penetration. To control light, air flow and privacy, simply tilt the louvres to your favourite position.

Roller shutters also have several benefits apart from providing trustworthy security. They can expand your entertainment area if you install them on a patio off the living area. Closed shutters block out bad weather such as wind and rain, provide privacy from neighbours, and deaden sound.

Fit a roller shutter in your passage or on your staircase and you create a safe zone within your home. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that criminals are blocked from getting into the bedrooms. If you choose motorised shutters, you can even open and close them from the comfort of your bed.


Corrosion resistant security shutters

Whichever shutter you decide on for your doors and windows, if you purchase them from Trellidor they will be corrosion resistant, both at the coast and inland.

The Trellidor powder coating system includes a corrosion and UV resistant treatment process before colour is applied. The colour then adds additional layers that protect the barrier. The various layers increase the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its high-quality surface finish.


Visit the Trellidor website to see the colour palette for security louvre shutters and roller shutters.

Or find you nearest Trellidor outlet and they will bring physical samples to you.




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