Attack Tests On Trellidor Security Doors

From left to right, Nick Sacco, Ryno du Preez and Shaun Erasmus checking on the Trellidor Retractable security door

Security doors (and pretend-burglars) are put through serious attack tests

I was dreading my regular January trip to Trellidor’s head office in Durban last week because it’s usually unbearably hot and humid, but it turned out to be a really good week. Yes, it was steamy but I was so distracted by the mechanics of shooting a video of our security doors under attack that I hardly noticed the heat.

The Trellidor Marketing team regularly produce product videos for the website, YouTube, Facebook and other media as videos often tell a story in an attention-grabbing way. This one was an attack test on our security doors three of them, in fact to test their strength. We chose a Trellidor Retractable security gate, a Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutter and a Trellidor Clear Guard security screen.

Seriously bounced by security doors

I don’t think people are generally aware of what goes into a video shoot like this. The preparation is crucial and you need to plan meticulously, from preparing the script to checking on the light, to having the correct security doors on site (and someone that knows how to fit them!), cameras, sound equipment and so on.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the brutal assault on our poor substitute burglars! The volunteers were Trellidor Business Development Manager Nick Sacco and Technical Field Consultant Ryno du Preez.

They hurled their bodies and various weapons at our security doors, determined to have a full go at trying to get through the expandable security door and aluminium security doors we’d chosen for testing.

I winced every time they hit the security doors it made a huge noise and when they used their shoulders or kicked it with their safety boots, they were sometimes violently bounced back to the floor, landing with a sickening crunch. I’m glad their wives weren’t there to see the damage (to our guys, not our security doors, which definitely survived the ordeal better than the human missiles did!).

Nick and Ryno, sorry about your bruised bodies but thank you for putting them on the line for Trellidor! We have some excellent footage which our videographer and photographer, Patrick Royal, is putting together for us. I’m keen to see the end result.

Watch this space!

Visit our website to see more videos of Trellidor security doors.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

The team setting up the Trellidor Clear Guard security door for a physical assault

Videographer Patrick explaining what he wants before attacking the security door.

That’s our videographer Patrick Royal on the business end of the forklift truck, setting up the lighting for the security door attack video.

the ultimate crime barrier

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