At home with ‘Mr Trellidor’

Peter Rawson has been the face of Trellidor ever since the first flighting of the wrecking ball advert on TV. So does he really stand behind his product? The answer is ‘yes’ and we have the picture to prove it.

Moving target

In his capacity as Marketing and Sales Director for Trellidor, Peter travels lot. There are over 70 Trellidor franchises in RSA alone, so he often finds himself on a plane to somewhere. He has lost count of the number of people at airports and on planes that have asked him if he is the ‘Trellidor man’ or the ‘wrecking ball man’.

Or they smile and chat, thinking they know him from somewhere because his face is so familiar. It may be because of his days leading the Dolphins onto the cricket pitch, as well as taking the Zimbabwean cricket side to two World Cups as captain. But it is more likely because of the Trellidor adverts beamed into homes around the country on a regular basis.

On home ground

The product they associate him with is Trellidor Retractable. The security gate he stands behind in the advert is one of these. It was the range that the company first manufactured over 40 years ago and for a long time was the only design available to protect doors and windows.

The more recent variation of the advert showcases one of the newer additions to the security barrier options: Trellidor Clear Guard security screens. But it is Trellidor Retractable that is still one of the top selling barriers in the country.

So it was no real surprise to arrive at Peter’s home to find all his doors and windows protected by this iconic barrier. We were there to take photos of him in a relaxed setting for a press interview and it seemed sensible to photograph him in front of all his Trellidor-secured doors. He walks the talk and believes in his own brand enough to use it himself.

A product he believes in

While posing patiently for the photographer, Peter said that he firmly believes that it’s pointless trying to protect a home from a break-in by intruders by something that isn’t strong enough for the job.

Trellidor spends a lot of time and money on research and development, particularly into new technology that could improve product design in terms of strength. Criminals are getting more sophisticated all the time, so the product that helps keep them out needs to do so too.

The team responsible for this research also strength tests Trellidor products on a regular basis, comparing them to other options out there in the market. It’s scary how quickly weaker products collapse under pressure from an attacker and is a strong motivation for purchasing the best security barriers you can afford!

Trellidor is a responsible manufacturer, so staff would never claim that any barrier they make is impossible to get through. But it is well known that  you stand the best chance of keeping intruders at bay until you can get help if you install Trellidor designs because strength is the company’s focus.

And the fact that Peter relies on Trellidor Retractable in his own home shows his confidence in his brand’s strength.

Is the wrecking ball advert for real?

For those that were wondering, yes, Peter really does stand behind that gate unwavering as the wrecking ball hurtles towards him. Must be all those years practising an unflinching stance when facing menacing fast bowlers at the crease!



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